how I Met your Mother: 5 points That changed In The alternate Ending (& 5 That remained The Same) exactly how I Met Your mother fans were so vocal around their hatred of the finishing that the show released an alternative version... What walk they change?

How ns Met Your mommy Ending
The lovely sitcom just how I Met Your mommy received lots of unpopular evaluate after the finale to be aired 7 years back. Ted finding the love that his life, the dream couple Robin and also Barney marrying, and the revelation that the mom who met all the expectations, the fans had actually all they wanted from the sitcom it rotates the finale.

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The disappointing finale spurred the need for an alternative ending, and the creators released one the the fans welcomed wholeheartedly. Here are 5 things that changed and five things that stayed the very same in the show"s alternating ending.

one of the heartbreaking moments because that the viewers of the display was the fatality of the mother, Tracy. Return the creators the the show gave a hint about Tracy"s sickness in an previously episode while she and Ted were having dinner, the fans were annoyed by her quick demise in the final episode. The alternate ending doesn"t identify anything about her sickness and ends it with Ted saying, "That"s exactly how I met your mother". This points come the conclusion that Tracy is quiet alive and also is happily married to Ted.

9 stayed The Same: Lily and also Marshall"s Story

Lily and also Marshall are without doubt one that the ideal couples in modern sitcoms. Among the reasons why the finale operated well amongst the fans was that it didn"t try to make amends to the Marshall-Lily love story. Regardless of having a brief breakup in Season Two, Marshmallow and Lilypad ongoing to game the fans v their sweet relationship. In both the real and alternating ending, Lily and also Marshall grow old together with their kids.

The finale"s climactic scene shows Ted standing external Robin"s home window with the blue french horn, the symbol of their romantic relationship. In the alternate ending, over there is no mention of Robin ~ Ted"s marriage.

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Furthermore, since Ted and also Tracy remain happily together, there is no scope because that Ted to end up through Robin together well. Hence, Ted"s and also Robin"s relationship stays together nothing much more than friends because the closure they pertained to at she wedding v Barney.

7 remained The Same: The Love the Barney"s Life

The fans strongly believed that Robin to be the perfect match for Barney. However, they obtain divorced, and it is only in the last episode the the show he find the actual "love that his life", his daughter Ellie. It was an extremely heartwarming because that the pan to watch Barney see his daughter because that the very first time and telling her exactly how she owns whatever he has and also he is. The alternate ending doesn"t change Barney"s story and also left it together presented in the really show.

The show"s totality plot is based on Ted narrating the story to his kids around how that met your mother. In the really ending, over there is a discussion between Ted and also the kids where they inquiry Ted"s on purpose behind narrating the story and advised him to seek Robin. However, the youngsters do not show up in the alternative ending as it automatically ends after ~ Ted completes his story.

5 remained The Same: The personalities Drifting Apart

that is revealed in the penultimate illustration of the show that "the five of united state hanging together in Maclaren"s, gift young and stupid" is not among the wonderful things that will occur anymore.

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The show had a very realistic ending, where each the the characters go their own way. Marshall and also Lily lead a serene life far from the city bustle, Barney sets out for a new life through his daughter, Ted and Robin continue living in new York. The viewers watch the friendship circle, and the way it transforms over time, which has remained the very same in the alternative ending together well.

Marshall and also Lily have a legendary bet around the Robin-Ted relationship. Marshall constantly vouches because that Ted and also Robin to gain together, whereas Lily placed her bet on Ted marrying someone else. In the actual ending, the win goes to Marshall ~ Ted inquiry Robin the end in the last clip that the show. However, Ted stays along with Tracy in the alternate ending, which indicates that Lily winner the bet.

3 remained The Same: Robin and Barney Divorce

It came as a large blow come the fans as soon as Robin and Barney gained divorced in the show"s penultimate episode. One thing that continued to be the exact same in the actual and alternating ending is this decision make by the 2 characters.

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They realized that neither of lock is happy through the marriage and also got divorced. Return this impacted their friendship, both that them could pursue what they want after the divorce.

The viewers room quite acquainted with Robin"s goal to become a famed reporter and also travel worldwide. Although she successfully accomplished this, she friends space disappointed as she is not available for the large things that take place in their lives. The fans watch Robin return to new York in the actual finishing where she continues to be in she old apartment. In the alternate ending, Robin doesn"t come earlier to new York and the fans assume that she is quiet traveling the people as a reporter.

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1 remained The Same: having The an initial Conversation with Tracy at Farhampton

The show revolves around the circumstances that led Ted to meet Tracy, the mommy of his kids. Although they had practically crossed routes at different places throughout the show, they had actually their very first conversation at the Farhampton station once Ted bumped into her and also started a conversation. This is a typical sequence in both the actual and alternate ending. When the alternate ending culminates through this conversation in ~ the station, this takes place before Ted"s conversation with his youngsters in the yes, really ending.

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