"Last Forever" shown our worst fears. The hour-long "How ns Met her Mother" series finale verified the conspiracy theorists right. The mother, whose name we discovered out was Tracy McConnell, to be dead in ~ the finish of the episode. By the moment Ted told his kids the story, she had actually been dead for 6 years, victim that a "sickness," throughout which Ted loved she very, really much.

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It to be a minute fans observed coming, but the nail in the mother"s coffin (sorry, I had actually to) come after Ted revealed she died. In the last moments, Ted"s youngsters convinced the to call Robin come ask she on a date. It"s been 6 years, lock said. It"s okay to relocate on native Mom. Seriously. That then confirmed up outside her apartment with that blue French horn. Around halfway through the finale, persons on Twitter began to notice the hints: Robin and Barney gained divorced (we"ll come back to this), Robin had actually a too-cute run-in through Ted and also his daughter on the street and also she called Lily that Ted was the guy she should have actually married. That fit together. It to be the best, however also really much the worst.

Backing increase a bit, the finale raced v the years in between Barney and Robin"s wedding and also present day. Within the an initial 15 minutes, we uncovered out Barney and also Robin gained divorced 3 years after their wedding. She career together a news anchor took turn off quickly and she started jet-setting approximately the world. Barney"s blog suffered. They got drunk in Argentina, had a most sex, acquired sober and also decided to break-up up. Robin slowly, and also unconsciously, was driven out of "the gang."

Barney went ago to his old ways. There to be a Playbook II, which affiliated "The Mannequin" and also "The Jim Nacho." that then carried out a perfect month, banging 31 girl in 31 days, till number 31 gained pregnant and had baby girl Ellie. In a relocating scene, Barney stated to the baby, "You space the love of my life. Everything I have and everything ns am is your forever."

Lily ended up being pregnant through their 3rd child and she and also Marshall finally made decision to leaving the old apartment. In an epic Halloween/ goodbye Apartment party, she dressed up together a white latex whale and also had one of the many dramatic scene of the illustration in said outfit. (Major ups come Alyson Hannigan because that this one.) at the party, Robin showed up, but plainly hadn"t watched the corridor in months, if no years. She left in a fit, after ~ seeing everyone together, and also broke under "the gang" for Lily. "It"s simply never going come be exactly how it was," she said. "It can"t be. The doesn"t need to be a sad thing." and also that"s true of every relationships.


Ted and Tracy waited 7 years to get married. There to be no rush due to the fact that an extraordinary, happy life just acquired in the way. Marriage had actually been the ultimate goal for Ted all along: fulfill the best woman, gain married, have kids. Convert up the order, but portraying a committed, loving relationship without the ring appropriate away, rocked. It proved Ted"s growth and proved their love wasn"t centered approximately a wedding (though a French castle could have been nice), or one single moment. Instead it was based on millions of small moments, and also a life they developed with one another.

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As collection finales go, this one will probably go under as one of the heartbreakers. They eliminated the mother! ns repeat, they killed the mother! after the finale aired, I stopped by a friend"s going-away party and left quickly after arriving, explaining that I had actually to complete recapping a an extremely confusing hour of television. As soon as someone asked how the present ended, admitting castle hadn"t viewed an episode in years, i said, "The mother dies." everyone burst the end laughing, as if I had been the victim that a poor joke. My guess is due to the fact that that"s not how "HIMYM" was an alleged to end, according to the first few seasons. "That"s so f*cked up!" mine roommate -- who additionally hadn"t watched the display in years -- yelled at our TV once she saw Cristin Milioti lie in the hospital bed.

It wasn"t the happy ending we believed we to be promised as soon as Carter Bays and also Craig Thomas collection out to tell the story of how Ted Mosby met his children"s mother. Come viewers, that was an alleged to be a story about finding her one true love in a messy, secret city, filled with best burgers and stripper execution of yourself. Yet instead, it to be a story they wanted to tell, one we never ever see on TV. The entirety nine seasons came to be one long tale around moving on native loss, accepting expansion in pain, the fact of friends drifting apart and the negation of "one true loves." Ted didn"t have one true love. He had two, possibly more. Might we every be for this reason lucky.

Robin"s hair. WTF to be going on through Robin"s hair in the existing day? the bob was not doing anyone any kind of favors. A+ return that the cockamouse. Ted"s "ET" goodbye come Lily in ~ the wedding to be the only moment to do me cry. Everyone else? the last sonofabitch was used very wisely. Supreme Fudge trended on Twitter. That ruled. Alyson Hannigan is a gift come TV, if only due to the fact that of that whale costume. One critical "Murder Train" track for the road.