how I Met your Mother: Each key Character’s Last heat In The series How i Met her Mother"s collection finale to be so controversial the took fist away indigenous the poignant final words that the sitcom"s lovely characters.

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Featured Image just how I Met Your mom Marshall Lily Ted
A large reason why How ns Met your Mother was so effective was that is characters. For nine seasons, lock entertained audiences v their rapid wit and also outrageous personalities. Even after they grew and also changed, castle still remained likable — most of them, anyway.

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Despite their finest efforts, the show"s two-part collection finale was divisive, come say the least. Most of the fans" discontent come from its ending when Ted and Robin rekindled your romance. It was such a controversial minute that the diverted attention away from whatever else, including each character"s parting words. Your last lines are a far-reaching part that their an individual ending, for this reason if those words to be good, then perhaps it"s no such a bad ending ~ all.

Screenshot just how I Met Your mother Victoria Season ripe Phone Call
the end of all of Ted"s girlfriends, Victoria was amongst the best. She to be smart, funny, and also kind. She verified her heat spirit throughout her last minute in the show.

When Ted was frantically trying to find Robin"s locket in season 9, he called Victoria. It turned out that she had actually the item and had no issue with providing it back. Yet as the baker lived in Germany, she had to letter it come him. She climate asked her previous boyfriend if he want her to send some delicious baked goods as well.

9 Zoey: "The eagle Is A Majestic Creature! She method You No Har — Aah, No! I"m your Friend! I"m help You!"

In season 9, Ted explained to his kids what taken place to certain people he offered to know. Among them was his ex-girlfriend, Zoey.

He revealed that he still occasionally heard around some of she activist work. The step then cut to she protesting the mistreatment that a hawk, who finished up attack her — which many viewers probably chuckled at as Zoey wasn"t always the many likable character. It was a funny scene and it was an excellent to watch that Zoey continued in she noble causes.

Shot of just how I Met Your mom James and Barney and Gang Gary Blauman illustration Season Nine
unlike his brothers Barney, James cursed to a monogamous life as at an early stage as season 2. However, his playboy side reared that is ugly head as soon as again years later on as that cheated top top his husband, which brought about their marital relationship falling apart.

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In Ted"s "people he provided to know" , he revealed that James and also his husband later on got earlier together. James then described to his own kids how he met their father, although the story to be a lot shorter than Ted"s.

7 Patrice: "You"ve never Looked an ext Beautiful, Robin."

Screenshot exactly how I Met Your mom Robin and Patrice Bridesmaid Season Nine
Robin and Patrice"s friendship followed a really consistent pattern: the previous would say something sweet and the last would scream in ~ her. This ongoing into Patrice"s critical appearance in the show.

When Robin came down the aisle at she wedding, Patrice threw out a compliment, and also the bride replied with scorn. The interaction was a tiny different than usual because Robin claimed it in a quieter tone to avoid leading to a scene. As Patrice is primarily well-known for this interactions, it was a great send-off for she character.

Barney"s actions was dreadful for most of the show"s run. He constantly mistreated women and also did some truly terrible things to them.

When he would certainly hit on women, that favored the phrase, "Daddy"s home." The creepy expression was the last heat Barney claimed in the show, yet the context to be different. Rather of saying it come someone that he to be trying come sleep with, he said it around his daughter. The change in definition showed just how much his character had grown.

5 Marshall: "Do friend Have any type of Idea What happened Right right here In This an extremely Bar?... Just... Simply All type Of Stuff."

Marshall was always regarded as one of How ns Met your Mother"s funniest characters, yet his last words to be serious. In the group"s last gathering in ~ MacLaren"s Pub, Marshall involved with some young people surrounding and called them around the gang"s previous adventures in the bar.

Thankfully, that didn"t get in details as that would"ve taken forever. Still, the brief interaction between Marshall and the strangers served as a nice farewell come this lover stomping ground.

4 Lily: "A guy With more Emotional Endurance than Anyone ns Know. It to be A Long, difficult Road. Thank God We lastly Got Here."

While everyone was hanging the end at the bar because that Ted and also Tracy"s wedding, Lily provided a speech. She words to be a celebration the Ted"s lengthy search because that his true love had finally ended. She complimented him on how he kept going despite the countless setbacks he went through.

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It to be a sweet appreciation of Ted"s long romantic journey. Yet, the performance of the speech was a tiny diminished through the truth his journey would proceed a few scenes later. Yet in the moment, Lily"s indigenous were an extremely powerful.

3 Tracy: "Funny just how Sometimes friend Just discover Things."

After her cameo in the final moment of season 8, Tracy (aka the mother) became a continuous character during the nine season. In fact, she was one of the highlights that those uneven episodes.

During that time, she met every member of the core group of characters, the critical one being Ted as the two first interacted at the Farhampton Train Station. They involved in a conversation about the yellow umbrella that they both claimed ownership over. In the process, they establish that they"d just missed each various other their entire adult lives. It finished with Tracy pointing out that civilization sometimes discover things, in recommendation to both the umbrella and each other.

In the finale, Ted finally finished his nine-year-long story about how the met Tracy. Climate his intuitive teenagers figured the end that Ted to be still in love v Robin. And the whole reason for the story in the an initial place to be so that he might ask your permission to date her.

After obtaining their consent, he was preparing to call her till he realized the he needed to execute something bigger. This realization was Ted"s final line, and also as it to be a precursor to him doing something romantic, it was fitting.

1 Robin: "Television, display screen Front Door Security. Television, Dis...Oh, because that Pete"s Sake."

Right before Ted"s showed up v the blue French horn, Robin said the final line in the show"s history. That wasn"t a deeply heartwarming and also serious comment, but a joke around voice recognition.

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Robin couldn"t gain her tv to know her verbal request, as even in 2030, that modern technology was quiet struggling. It"s a joke that doesn"t job-related quite also now that voice recognition has actually improved a lot. Yet it was pretty funny in ~ the time.