After eight periods of build-up, the titular "mother" top top How i Met her Mother was lastly revealed in ~ the conclusion of the series" eighth season in 2013. That was one of the most anticipated moments in TV history, and so the absolute perfect actress had to be cast. She had to look at at the very least a tiny like the actors play her TV kids, she had actually to have actually chemistry with Josh Radnor (the gibbs who depicted How i Met your Mother"s protagonist Ted Mosby), and she had to be so charming the it would"ve been worth waiting eight year for she debut. 

Producers somehow discovered their actress: a then little-known actress called Cristin Milioti. Ted dropped in love with her character, Tracy, when audiences were left wondering just where they"d seen Milioti before. Here"s what rather she"s appeared in, both before and also after How i Met her Mother.

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Hardcore fans of the brand-new York theater scene, or also those who have just recorded a significant musical or play in the years prior to the last years the How i Met her Mother, may have actually recognized Milioti from her stage work. She"s performed stability both on and off Broadway for much more than a decade. 

When the 2007 indie film Once, around the profound, emotional relationship in between an irish busker and also a Czech pianist, was adapted for the theater, Milioti originated the lead female function of "Girl." She organized the function from its advancement at the new York Theatre Workshop in 2011 and into the show"s Broadway operation a year later. She even earned a Tony compensation nomination for finest Performance through a top Actress in a Musical. Amongst Milioti"s other high-profile theater work: she co-starred in the 2010 revival of the classic play The small Foxes, and was associated in the 2015 workshopping of the David Bowie music Lazarus.


While follow a career as a stage actor in new York, Milioti landed duties in some TV productions based out of the Tri-State area, especially on The Sopranos. towards the finish of the HBO crowd drama"s run, Milioti illustrated Catherine Sacrimoni, daughter of man Sacrimoni, a.k.a. Johnny Sack, the eventual and also ruthless ceo of the Lupertazzi crime family. 

Milioti and her character served to to mark some difficult family issues. Because that example, Johnny Sack"s wife and other daughter space overweight, and also Johnny bag is so sensitive to jokes about it that he once ordered (but referred to as off) a struggle on somebody that cracked one. Contradictory to various other women in her family, Catherine is rail thin, and worries the her family is food-obsessed. It was a complicated character with simply a couple of appearances, which additionally included Milioti playing Catherine watching her father die.


Another brand-new York-based TV show that hired Milioti was 30 Rock. In 2011, Milioti portrayed a look at shallow, bimbo-esque standup comedian called Abby Flynn who talks prefer a "sexy baby," which guys seemed to enjoy. Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) hires her to be a writer for TGS with Tracy Jordan, after a blog accuses the sketch comedy present of gift misogynistic. Milioti has to do part high-wire comic acting—as it turns out, the stereotypical Abby Flynn act is a ruse; she"s really a comedian called Abby Grossman hiding under the influenced voice and also blond hair the Abby Flynn to hide indigenous a crazed ex-husband.


Milioti"s varied career spanning multiple media made she uniquely suited because that a role in Sleepwalk v Me. Stand-up comedian and also storyteller Mike Birbiglia has actually presented Sleepwalk through Me together a one-man show, a book, and in 2012, a attribute film. In the mostly autobiographical dramedy about the comedian"s history of significant sleep disorders (along with his anxieties end his career and romantic life), Milioti depicted Janet Pandamiglio, Birbiglia"s sister. The small film to be a crucial hit and also played well on the festival circuit, win an Audience Award at the Sundance film Festival.


Milioti came to be a full-time actors member of How i Met her Mother in the loss of 2013, right approximately the very same time together the relax of The wolf of wall surface Street, in i beg your pardon she had a influential supporting role. Nominated for 5 Academy Awards, consisting of Best picture and finest Director (for young name Scorsese), the movie is a darkly comic biopic around the rise and also fall that disgraced stockbroker Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio). 

Milioti is vital in the an initial part, or "rise" section of the movie. She portrayed Teresa Petrillo, the sweet and also patient very first wife that Belfort... Who he leaves for blonde bombshell Naomi Lapaglia (Margot Robbie). Milioti is all new Jersey interval (she"s a aboriginal of the Garden State) and vast "80s hair, and she gets a large moment in the movie, a sad/angry confrontation with DiCaprio"s character over his affair.


Unfortunately, the very nature of her function on How i Met her Mother intended Milioti was out of work-related after the show"s final season of 2013–2014. But by fall 2014, Milioti was currently starring in one more network sitcom. 

Something of a successor to How ns Met your Mother v its rom-com sensibility and also slow-build storyline, A come Z aimed to tell the complete story that a partnership from the "meet cute" come the "happily ever after" (or the split). Ben Feldman of Mad Men portrayed Andrew (the "A" of A come Z) opposite Milioti"s Zelda (the "Z"). Despite some critical praise for the show and also cast, the collection didn"t attract much of an audience, and NBC damaged up through A to Z after ~ 13 episodes.

Milioti popped increase in a tiny but pivotal duty in the 2nd season that FX"s Fargo the mirrors her duty on How i Met her Mother. ~ above HIMYM, she character dies, clearing the method for a controversial conclusion in i m sorry Ted reunites through Robin (Cobie Smulders). ~ above Fargo, Milioti"s personality is dying of cancer, and her figure heartbreakingly links the 2nd season of the collection with the first. In the "70s-set second season, Milioti dram Betsy Solverson, wife of state trooper Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson). Their daughter, Molly Solverson, grow up to become a cop, too... Together played by Allison Tolman in the 2006-set very first season the Fargo.

In 2015, Milioti scored a recurring duty on The Mindy Project.

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She played Whitney, a tough-as-nails, workaholic hedge fund manager. Milioti"s character showed up in five episodes, dating one of the doctors (Ed Weeks) in the sitcom"s main medical exercise and likewise becoming a new, if brief, finest friend because that Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling). 

Whitney is a money genius that helps the scatterbrained Mindy acquire her finances in order. It also turns the end that the gas that provides Whitney"s fast-paced life go is cocaine: many cocaine. The all offers Milioti a opportunity to perform some vast and weird comedy.