Though the CBS sitcomHow ns Met your Mothercame come an finish in 2014, pan still chat around it online. As a present that jumps ago and forth in time, viewers deserve to use this as a means to imagine how the occasions of today could have to be tied in. And also one new theory proposes the the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic play a duty in the titular mother’s death.

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‘How ns Met her Mother’ aired because that 9 seasons



Cristin Milioti together Tracy in ‘How ns Met her Mother’ | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Throughout the show, the writers drop hints around the mother. Her name is Tracy, she dram the bass, and also she studied economics. The audience finally meets Tracy in the season 8 finale, and the last season attributes flashbacks in which her imminent death from one unnamed illness becomes apparent.

In the collection finale, the question is answered: Ted meets Tracy after ~ Robin and also Barney’s wedding. They begin dating, obtain engaged, have actually two children, and get married in 2020. Tracy passes far in the year 2024, and also her cause of fatality is presumed to be cancer, despite it’s never ever mentioned.

Ted never mentioned coronavirus — was there a reason?

Ted Mosby, in the year 2030, called the story of just how he met his children's mother and HE NEVER discussed THE CORONAVIRUS ONCE

— Tara Millette (

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Now that we’re actually living v 2020, one viewer of the series poses the question: How could someone tell a story in together detail, and also not cite a pandemic? “Ted Mosby, in the year 2030, said the story of how he met his children’s mother and HE NEVER stated THE CORONAVIRUS ONCE,” they wrote.

But there might be a reason. If Tracy passed away from the coronavirus, his kids (who were very young in 2020) would likely know about it. “I had actually to go back and inspect what year the Mother died to make certain she didn’t dice of Covid,” wrote anotherTwitteruser. “She dies in 2024…I really hope this isn’t still a problem in 4 years.”

Series creator Craig thomas weighs in

In his defense, Ted didn’t want to do the story too many long. #HIMYM

— Craig cutting board (

One advantage of posing a question or theory on Twitter? The opportunity of a knowledgeable source weighing in. Craig Thomas, who co-created HIMYM with Carter Bays, saw the early tweet. His response? “In his defense, Ted didn’t want to make the story overly long,” a joke about the series going on much longer than expected.

While thomas didn’t attend to the theory around Tracy’s cause of death, the did choose a Twitter reply the reads, “Ted didn’t mention it because that the same reason he’s telling a long, meandering story favor he’s got all the moment in the world (and why you only see him outside of Robin’s home window at the end): THEY’RE tho IN QUARANTINE. This no going far by magic!”

The argument versus this theory

The conclusion appears to be that Tracey may have passed indigenous COVID complications, but let's no forget he went to her in hospital there is no PPE therefore that's most likely not it, people

— Tara Millette (

As with most fan theories, there are reasons why it’s no likely. “The conclusion seems to be the Tracey may have actually passed indigenous COVID complications, yet let’s no forget he saw her in hospital there is no PPE for this reason that’s most likely not it, people,” composed the pan who initially tweeted on the subject.

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To the effect, there space plenty of episodes in i beg your pardon the occasions taking place in between 2020 and 2030 space shown, and also no one is put on a mask or adhering to social distancing guidelines. So either society completely abandons precautions and also coronavirus continues to be a problem, or Tracy died from some kind of cancer, as has actually been purported in the past.