how I Met her Mother: just how Tracy’s tune Connects come Ted & Robin Tracy McConnell"s signature song, "La Vie en Rose," in just how I Met Your mom cleverly connected to the relationship in between Ted and also Robin.

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How i met your mommy tracy tune ted and robin
Tracy McConnell"s signature song, "La Vie en Rose," in How ns Met her Mother cleverly associated to the relationship between Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) and Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders). Described as the "Mother" for lot of the sitcom, Tracy ultimately made her full on-screen debut in the season 8 finale. The long-awaited character was played by Cristin Milioti, who served as a continual figure for the show"s ninth and also final season. Music surrounded Tracy"s life, but one specific song that she favored to play hinted in ~ the fate of she husband.

When How i Met her Mother first started, it was clear the Ted had actually an infatuation through Robin. Despite his feelings because that her, it was revealed the she wasn"t the future mommy of his two children, Penny and also Luke. Granted, Robin remained a vital member of the friend circle, and at times, the series toyed v the notion that the pair harbored feelings for one another. In the end, Ted dropped in love v Tracy, enabling him to ultimately settle down and also start a family. If Robin was briefly married come Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), the duo got a divorce once Robin"s career gained in the way. Instead of giving Ted and also Tracy a happy ending, the future timeline evidenced that the "Mother" had passed far a few years prior. Ted urged him come get back in touch v Robin, causing the two reuniting in the show"s closing moments.

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While Tracy"s fate was tragic, her character was able to get more of the spotlight in How ns Met your Mother season 9. In the episode titled "How Your mommy Met Me," Tracy"s life was documented in the years leading up to the minute she an initial encountered Ted in ~ the Farhampton Train Station. She was in the area after ~ serving as the bass player in the tape at Robin and also Barney"s wedding. Coincidentally remaining in the room surrounding to Ted in ~ the Farhampton Inn, Tracy decided come go out on she balcony. It was then that she played "La Vie en Rose" on her ukulele, i m sorry Ted to be listening to from next door. Ted called his kids that Tracy performed the French song numerous times during their time together, but it wasn"t the very first time it was heard in how I Met your Mother.

throughout How ns Met her Mother season 1, Ted struggled v his feelings because that Robin due to the fact that the timing never ever seemed ideal for either one of them. During the episode titled "The Limo," Ted made decision to rental a limousine for his friends to celebrate new Year"s Eve. The plan was come party hop together the night went on, however that didn"t go specifically as planned. After acquiring stuck in traffic, the gang spent began partying inside the limo, but as the countdown began, Ted made decision to take it a walk. Robin ran after him, kissing him at midnight since her planned day kept she waiting. Together the two characters shared a romantic moment, "La Vie en Rose" played in the background. Through the show"s attention to detail, it seemed choose no coincidence that the same song turned out to be the one that Tracy performed year later.

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The song, i m sorry was created by Édith Piaf in 1945, concentrates on someone viewing life through rose-colored glasses. The hatchet is often used for people who are extremely optimistic or often tend to view facets that are too good to be true. Ted would certainly be a perfect human who had a background of siding v optimism even in the most difficult of times. The usage of the song, however, seemed to offer as a hint around Ted getting earlier together through Robin by How ns Met her Mother"s conclusion. Whether or not that to be the intention, the song connected Ted come both that his most necessary relationships.

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