exactly how I Met Your mom Revealed Tracy's name In Season 1 Tracy, the Mother"s real name, to be teased in how I Met Your mom season 1. Here"s the story behind the disclose that some viewers could have missed.

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Ted v Tracy and also The mother in how I Met her Mother
The an initial name of the "Mother" to be unveiled in the first season that How ns Met your Mother. The character, whose name was Tracy, was played by actress Cristin Milioti. She an initial appeared in the HIMYM season 8 finale before she was advocated to a lead duty in the series" ninth and also final season.

The identity of the mom was the drive because that the CBS sitcom. Together Future Ted (Josh Radnor) told his increasingly long story to his ever-exasperated children, an ext and an ext details came out about the character prior to the main reveal. After year worth of clues, Milioti was presented as Tracy, the mommy of Ted"s 2 children. Her full name, Tracy McConnell, wasn"t disclosed till the How ns Met her Mother series finale.

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Before Tracy showed up on the series, she character to be indirectly shown in a couple of scenes. Viewers also learned that Tracy to be a member the a band, visited the St. Patrick"s job party whereby Ted ran into the "Bump Girl," and happened to it is in the roommate of one of Ted"s ex-girlfriends. Despite all of those facts and more, one important detail around the mommy was actually mutual in the very very first season: her name.

How ns Met her Mother
In the How i Met her Mother season 1 Thanksgiving episode, "Belly complete of Turkey," Ted and also Robin (Cobie Smulders) ended up going come a strip club through Barney (Neil Patrick Harris). They walk there since the Thanksgiving dinner to be "surprisingly good" at the Lusty Leopard according to Barney. As soon as Ted to buy a lap dance because that a homeless man, among the strippers complimented that on his action of generosity. She introduced herself together Tracy, which Future Ted proclaimed come his children as gift the true story of just how he met their mother. They reacted in shock before he confessed that he to be joking - perhaps since they recognized the name together that the their genuine mother.

Some viewers automatically (and, it turns out, correctly) jumped on the name and concluded the the mommy was undoubtedly named Tracy. Of course, there were plenty of various other candidates that viewers placed their bets on transparent the series. Victoria was high on that list and was even taken into consideration a back-up mommy in case the collection was canceled prior to season 9. How i Met her Mother waited almost eight years before mentioning the name again. In that time, the Mother"s backstory grew and also Milioti was eventually actors in the role.

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It"s uncertain if How i Met her Mother had always planned to always use Tracy as the Mother"s surname or this connection was retroactively functioned into the last season. It would certainly make feeling that showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas planned that so early and hoped viewers forgot by the time the character was officially introduced, although it"s never ever been officially stated. One of two people way, How i Met her Mother had a way of maintaining viewers on their toes with fast details.