exactly how I Met her Mother: Ted & Robin's relationship Timeline, Season by Season indigenous their very first meeting in the pilot to that controversial ending, here"s every makeup, breakup, and also maybe for Ted and also Robin.

Robin and also Ted room arguably the main couple that How ns Met your Mother - if nothing else, their conference is the start of the show (and the development of Robin come the gang), and also the series ends v them reuniting and also giving things an additional chance in the finale flash-forward. Of course, this finishing was therefore controversial the the collection actually came out through an alternating finale, which reduced this scene, so it"s clear the no matter how crucial they were to the show, Ted and also Robin were no the best-loved of the HIMYM pairs.

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Between that an initial meeting in the pilot and that controversial ending, though, Robin and also Ted had a many ups and also downs. Castle dated, they damaged up, they virtually tried again... But when did that all take place in the show?

ted and robin in the pilot how i met your mother
The very first season is when Ted and also Robin initially satisfy - and also where Ted scares she off almost immediately. Their very first date set up few of the large moments that the finale, together Ted steals a blue french horn native the restaurant where they checked out eat, mirrors up outside her apartment, and also then tells her he loves her. Unsurprisingly, Robin is freaked out, and they decide no to date. The rest of the an initial season is really about them discovering, slowly, the they do have actually feelings for each other and also should probably day - something that comes up as they go on dates with various other people. In ~ the finish of the season, though, castle hook up again, and this time, that looks choose it"s going to turn into something (if Ted deserve to just hold off ~ above the declarations that love).

HIMYM Ted Robin relationship
Ted and also Robin space happily date for almost the whole second season, and also they seem favor a relatively solid couple. They have some worries with jealousy and also adjusting to the partnership (and plenty of fans haven"t forgiven Ted because that pressuring Robin to get rid of her dogs), but overall, they it seems ~ happy. Lock even regulate to obtain to their one-year anniversary, however at the finish of the season, this is wherein things loss apart. In ~ dinner, castle are wrongly served an engagement ring (meant for an additional table), and also Robin"s reaction makes them re-think wherein they space going, and if they want the very same things. Eventually, lock decide that they don"t, and also break up at the finish of season 2.

~ the breakup in season 2, things are awkward in between Robin and also Ted for most of season 3. To a large extent, it looks choose the connection is over, and they are struggling to also salvage their friendship. However, over there is quiet one illustration that argues there"s still something in between them. In "Slapsgiving", Ted and also Robin regulate to get over their awkwardness... ~ spending the night together "baking pies". Surprisingly, this seems to work, and also they room able to maintain more of a friendship for the rest of the season.

6 Season 4 - Friends through Benefits

Robin and also Ted space friends v benefits
in ~ the begin of season 4, Ted is engaged to Stella, yet Robin admits the she has actually feelings for him, and she find it strange the she"s meant to be in ~ the wedding. Clearly, there room still feeling here, and when Stella pipeline Ted and also the altar and Robin offers up her task in Japan, Ted and also Robin decision to come to be roommates... With benefits.

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The 2 sleep with each other for a while, however end up breaking it off again once Ted realizes that Barney has feelings for Robin. In this season they additionally sit down and also talk about the future again, admitting the they would both love to be together, yet they simply want different things... Ideal now. They execute agree on ending up being each others" "backups", though.

For most of season 5, the emphasis is on Robin and also Barney, who begin dating, and then Robin and also Don, she next large relationship. Ted has actually his own dates and also romances, and also the two space pretty much just friends. The only particularly notable Robin/Ted moment in the collection are when Ted gives Barney "relationship lessons" top top Robin (which she hates), and then later, when Robin speak Barney and Ted the she doesn"t want to check out them because that a while, to offer her partnership with Don a possibility away from she exes. However, lock do have one moment of one almost-kiss, as soon as Don division up through Robin, and Ted comforts her.

4 Season 6 - Roommates Again

After her breakup v Don, Robin moves ago in v Ted, and also they spend the 6th season together friends, without much going top top on a romantic level. Robin does at first proposition Ted once she is upset about the breakup (and on the couch extended in junk food), however Ted turns her under - for reasonably obvious reasons, not least due to the fact that she warned him she might hit top top him and told the to rotate her down. An ext than that, though, the does seem together though they have just discovered a great place together friends and also roommates.

The good place they appeared to gain to in season 6 disappears in season 7, when they practically get ago together, and then finish up solid speaking because that the rest of the season. Beforehand on, Ted realizes that he is quiet in love with Robin, and also when her relationship with Kevin ends, they share a kiss.

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Robin then needs to go top top a work-related trip, but when she returns, they shot to day - yet quickly realize that Robin can"t speak she loves him, and also she is too afraid to shed their friendship v a romantic relationship. Ironically enough, this leader to Robin moving out, and she and also Ted keeping their street for the remainder of the season, as Ted make the efforts to acquire over her. They ultimately reconnect in ~ the end of the season.

2 Season 8 - Ted Tries to Let Go, Barney & Robin acquire Engaged

through this point, every little thing is still increase in the air. Ted and also Robin room friends again, and also Ted and Victoria break up for the critical time since Ted can not imagine his life there is no Robin in it. However, Barney likewise has feelings for Robin, and concocts his intricate final beat to view if Robin has actually feelings because that him, and also if Ted would certainly be willing to let she go. In the end, that is proven best on both counts, as Ted speak Robin to go to Barney, and Robin claims yes to his proposal. In spite of this, Ted clearly still has feelings for Robin. He defines how pains it was to find out that Barney and Robin room engaged, and decides he will leave brand-new York after your wedding, to get a fresh begin away from her.

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for the main storyline that season 9, Ted and also Robin don"t get earlier together. Robin marries Barney, back she does have actually some momentary misgivings when she arguments running away with Ted instead. And also Ted ultimately meets the titular Mother, Tracy, and also the two begin on their happily ever after (or as close together they get). However, the flash-forwards display that Ted and Robin still end up together. Robin and also Barney divorce after a few years, realizing the they simply don"t work, and Tracy dies tragically young. After all that, Ted and Robin end up together, and also this time, it looks favor they"ll continue to be that way.