just how I Met her Mother: 10 Things about Ted & Tracy's partnership That Would never Fly now Ted and Tracy"s relationship from exactly how I Met Your mommy aged badly in a most ways, and some ingredient would never fly today.

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the was one of the most controversial series finales ever before for a sitcom. How ns Met your Mother go on because that nine periods as Ted Mosby in the future (2030, to be exact) called the story of how he met their mommy to his now teenage kids. Together viewers experienced Ted day woman ~ woman, lock waited anxiously to discover out that the mother was.

It transforms out it to be a woman named Tracy that Ted met by opportunity while in ~ Robin and also Barney"s wedding. And sadly, if they had a sweet and also fitting love story, she apparently died just over a decade after they met.

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Nonetheless, when we just learned details of their courtship at the end of the final season, there space a few things that plainly wouldn"t fly around it today.

In today"s day and also age, the would most likely be pretty basic for Ted to uncover this secret woman who owned the yellow umbrella. The would have actually been able to track under a class list from the economics course he accidentally walked into, for example, searched social media profiles, and found her. Or post a photo on Twitter on him v the umbrella, trying to find its rightful owner that might have unable to do viral.

He might even have actually crept Cindy"s facebook profile to look through photos that would nearly definitely include ones of her roommate (Tracy) and also probably even one or 2 of Tracy with the umbrella therefore he might put two-and-two together, put a face to a name, and reach the end to her.

Tracy was, based on the brief time viewers gained to know her, rather a perceptive person. She could see what civilization were hiding and their true feelings. Because that example, she assisted Barney realize the his playboy ways were a cry for help. And also he helped Lily v her frustrations about Marshall.

So how can she have actually not seen all along that Ted quiet wasn"t truly over Robin? perhaps she was fine living v that expertise knowing that he did truly love her as well and also that possibly his love because that Robin to be different. Nonetheless, because that someone so hung up on true love, why would she settle for a man whose heart to be at least partially with someone else?

Sure, it to be the location they very first met and fell in love at very first sight. However it was additionally the venue of Barney and also Robin"s wedding where Ted dealt with weird feeling of still being in love with his friend and also the mrs his friend was marrying.

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Why would certainly he and Tracy go back to that Inn numerous times over, perhaps conjuring up every one of those unresolved feelings? In today"s world, they"d more than likely opt to make brand-new memories rather of revisiting old ones.

7 The Love Story the Wasn"t

that was claimed on the series that Tracy stopped dating for part time after ~ she discovered out that her long-time boyfriend Max was killed. She gained this terrible news top top the night of she 21st birthday, made an ext heartbreakig through the fact that the gifted she a ukulele the she kept to this day.

The truth that she lost the love of she life and also that the love the Ted"s life had actually seemingly constantly been Robin sours the whole ide of their love story. Viewers would never ever go because that a story choose that this day with a happy yet tainted ending.

The idea the the yellow umbrella that said the owner to be Ted"s one true love was sweet, however it would never ever fly today. Civilization own unusual and also boldly colored umbrellas by the dozen. Over there wouldn"t yes, really be anything the distinct about one.

And while over there arguably wouldn"t have actually been something distinct around it ago in the "90s either, it would certainly be much less so today. Someone could easily look up yellow umbrellas on Amazon and also find hundreds of choices that aren"t all the special.

5 Tracy helping Barney

Tracy being painted as some type of point of view was entirely unrealistic. It"s revealed that Barney had actually met Tracy prior to during a pick-up difficulty when he had actually to choose up someone at a drug store and also she so taken place to end up his target. She gained into his head and also sat v him to talk around how his actions to be a cry because that help.

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So, it turns out that it was Tracy who aided Barney realize what he yes, really wanted and convinced the to seek a genuine relationship through Robin. One random woman in a medicine store might never rest a lifetime of habit uneven she to be literally some kind of angel.

when Tracy and Lily accidentally met on a train, it to be clear they mutual an immediate bond. In fact, Tracy almost seemed like another version that Lily, i m sorry would simply be weird. Imagine falling because that the mrs of your desires who happens to be the brunette version of your ideal friend"s wife and one of her own finest friends!

It would suggest that Marshall and also Ted had the same taste in women all along.

3 She Knew He had actually A thing For Robin

during Tracy"s conversation through Lily ~ above the train, she listed advice about Lily"s friend Ted, that Lily was trying to stop from happen a locket come a woman named Robin who was around to obtain married.

Tracy perceptively said that Ted deliberately annoyed Lily for this reason he can get come the Inn first and profess his true feelings to Robin prior to she acquired married. Surely Tracy put two-and-two together after meeting Ted. And also given her seemingly remarkable intuition, must have actually known the Ted had actually been pining because that Robin all along.

The timeline merely wouldn"t fly since it was, frankly, totally unfair. Ted finally met the love that his life at Robin and also Barney"s wedding in 2013. She had actually their an initial child in 2015, the second child in 2017, and they lastly got married in 2020.

But then, as the story goes, she was sick by 2024, just four years later. This means their eldest son was just nine years old, your youngest simply seven. If she to be to have been dead for around six years when Ted was informing the story to his two now teenage children in 2030, it means they only had actually a small over a decade together. Queue the tears.

1 The seemingly Perfect Relationship

It"s implied the Ted and also Tracy had actually a watch perfect connection for the 10+ years they were together, which appears idealistic. While that did wait a long time to find the mrs of his dreams and also went through a many heartbreak to gain there, Ted could be annoying and desperate at times.

Tracy did seem choose a very patient, loving, and giving person. True, the did point out the fights and also rough moments throughout his recollections. So maybe Ted focused only on recalling the ideal moments of their life together versus the poor given the she had due to the fact that passed. Nonetheless, they have to have had actually bigger problems through the decade of partnership. No connection is perfect.

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