The "Let"s make a Deal" organize will reprise his function as Barney"s brother, James, in the ninth run the the CBS comedy.

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Wayne Brady is returning from a lengthy How i Met her Mother hiatus.

The actor, who last showed up as Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) brother, James, in a 2011 episode, is set for many appearances during the CBS comedy’s last season. A rep for studio twenty Century Fox TV confirms come The Hollywood Reporter the Brady will be return in a recurring capacity.

VIDEO: ‘How ns Met your Mother’ discover the Mother

The Let’s make a Deal organize leaked the not-too-surprising news on Monday night when he tweeted about his very first fitting that the brand-new season. Together producers have currently let slip, How ns Met her Mother‘s final run will certainly take location over one lengthy wedding weekend. James will most likely be a an essential figure in the festivities, since it’s his brother who’s tying the knot.

Brady has appeared in a complete of five episodes the How i Met her Mother, play the other son come Frances Conroy‘s Loretta Stinson.

PHOTOS: on the set When ‘How ns Met your Mother’ Meets Baby

Other details ~ above the last season the How i Met your Mother, the first to feature the mommy (played by Cristin Milioti), have actually been maintained under wraps — but the whole cast, co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and also director/executive producerPamela Fryman will certainly all be appearing at Comic-Con next week in san Diego.

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