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Abby Lee fearbut is opened up around the emergency surgical procedure she underwent in April 2018, after it was found she had actually a mass epidemic putting pressure on her spine, which was causing her major pain. She to be then diagnosed v Burkitt lymphoma, a rare and also aggressive type of cancer. ET"s Kevin Frazier satellite down with both the former Dance Moms star and also Dr. Hooman Melamed, who performed she life-saving surgery, and also they talked around the emotional day and also how she"s act today.

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Dr. Melamed performed the eight-hour surgical procedure on 55-year-old fearbut after she blood pressure started plummeting and also he felt castle couldn"t afford to wait any type of longer. Miller teared up while recalling the moments before she went under the knife, and revealed there to be a minute she believed she had currently died.

"I remember speak to the anesthesiologist, "Just phone call me I"m gonna watch you once I wake up up," and he said, "I can"t tell girlfriend that, ma"am,"" she shares. "That"s as soon as I knew, and then i heard to speak something that ns didn"t know, that said, "Get the theater ready, I"m walking in," and also I didn"t know that the operation room was called the theater and I believed I died. I"m dead already. Friend know, I deserve to still hear lock talking."

On his end, Dr. Melamed stated he was determined to not lose Miller on the operation table.

"I was like, "You understand what, not on my watch. It"s no happening,"" the recalls. "I said, "We"re going in." I referred to as my wife, ns said, "Honey, I"m no coming house tonight." ns said, "I"m gonna be there all night. I"m gonna be operating. I"m not coming home tonight. This is no gonna occur on my watch. Ns don"t care what it takes. I"m gonna do everything it takes," so ns was hopeful that we were gonna save her. That"s just how I constantly like to look at it."

Abby Lee Miller claims at time She desire She ‘Would’ve Died’ (Exclusive)

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Abby Lee Miller claims at time She desire She ‘Would’ve Died’ (Exclusive)

Still, miller shockingly acknowledged that because of her an overwhelming recovery, there are moments as soon as she desire she never ever would have actually made it. She underwent an additional surgery in September 2020 due to the fact that of slipped vertebrae and also severe compression the the nerves, and severe pain and also foot drop, though experienced an ext health issues. She then had actually to walk undergo another procedure to review the loose screws in her back, and also they put extr screws right into her pelvis and placed bone cement in she vertebrae.

"This is weird but there are days that ns wish that i would"ve died," she says. "I understand there"s human being out there fighting every day for their lives, yes, but it"s to be rough. It"s not basic to live in a wheelchair. It"s not easy, particularly in California. It"s very daunting to it is in handicapped ... That"s why I have to walk."

These days, miller is cancer-free, but she still experiences pain in her reduced tailbone from being in a wheelchair and says she hasn"t to be able to do the lot of physical treatment she needs as result of the coronavirus pandemic. Still, she is able to walk now.

"I am walking, small baby steps, and also I need to be walking a lot," she shares. "I have the right to do around 150 steps before I need to take a rest and also I don"t have to sit down, I just need come stop and also rest. It"s mostly my arms since I"m putting so lot weight and so lot pressure right into my eight to to walk that i don"t trust my legs because I can"t feel the floor."

The truth star later cried once talking around going through her restore alone, noting the she doesn"t have actually 24-hour care since she can"t purchased it.

"Just, you know, it"s a good day once you have the right to bend over and get your pants on," she says, obtaining emotional. "It"s rough. I have to save my tears for the car."

Miller is at this time living in a hotel so that she can call the front desk for aid when she demands it.

"Sometimes I"ll, girlfriend know, I"ll hire a young girl or maybe a PT student to come," she also shares. "It"s sad. I"ve been trying to get earlier to Florida to mine house and also my life there because March 13. And because the my physicians recommending that ns don"t travel, that i don"t fly until I acquire the vaccine, till we recognize that it"s working safely, I"ve to be quarantined here, alone, you know, in a hotel."

But Dr. Melamed states he remains hopeful that one day Miller will be pain-free.

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"I think the mental component is a large part," he notes. "You know, she has screws into the pelvis, and also those, us know, castle can reason pain, we do understand that. And that"s why periodically at some point you walk take lock out. Yet I"m an extremely optimistic. Through proper, aggressive, continuous, like, good rounds of month of physics therapy, ns think she"ll be an independent, talking and getting her life back."

Miller states she would prefer to do a go back to television, though behind the scenes.

"I have actually an remarkable young adult present with a paranormal twist come it that is in the works, and also I likewise have a new reality show, 2 shows," she reveals. "One is much more prison-related about what happens once you obtain out that prison, and it"s just killer, it’s amazing, the show. And also there"s nothing choose it ~ above TV ... And also it would certainly be incredible. And then there"s been talks the me coming back and law a present with the students, no moms, however with the dancers themselves, the teenagers. ... We"ll walk at it, each other, they don"t need mother anymore."

"I hope and also I dream and also I"m creative and i love the an imaginative process," she continues. "I love the costuming and the music and the choreography, i love that component of the all. And also I think there"s tho a niche because that me, however who knows?"

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