Alaskan bush People formerly filmed Billy and also Ami Brown, v their eight grown children, as they resided in the wilderness. However things have changed since Billy died, and also fans are wondering how Ami is doing.

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Ami brought up her kids with tiny electricity, alongside late husband Billy Brown. Currently living in Washington, lock previously resided in Copper river Valley, wherein temperatures have the right to drop come 60 degrees under zero.

Billy usually brought in the money for the family, which leaves Discovery+ to plan concerned about how Ami is gift supported. We explored exactly how she is act now and ways viewers have actually been help her because he died.

How is Ami Brown law now?

Ami is functioning on continuing her life there is no Billy Brown, v him over there in spirit. She has plans to construct a new barn for the animals, as she knows her late husband wanted to make the ranch bigger.

The mother-of-eight additionally said that is the start of a brand-new era, which involves her and also the children working come turn into a working ranch and also farm. She included that “the dream hasn’t died nor has actually it changed”.

She claimed on Alaskan shrub People:

Sad as it may be, da’s no right below with us, not physically, but we understand in spirit he is. And we know what all da want — we need to go on, it is what us do.

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Fans have also put together a Facebook team to support Ami Brown adhering to Billy’s passing. It to be made at the request of the Brown family, to assistance her during the difficult time.

#AlaskanBushPeople i still cant understand the fact that Billy Brown is gone! What an incredible, exceptional husband, dad & God love man! no one is perfect obviously yet he constantly tried to carry out rgt through his family! i feel so sad for Ami, the kids & grandkids! R.I.P. Billy Brown