Barbara Walters, the esteemed American broadcast journalist, best-selling author, and iconic TV personality, made the difficult decision to leaving The View in 2014. Earlier in 1997, Walters produced the successful woman-led talk show for ABC, and two years later it"s still on the air. 

Ten years before her retirement indigenous daytime television, she retirement from element time at the age of 73 — after ~ a comprehensive 25 years of conducting interviews because that 20/20. Once Walters announced she retirement indigenous The View, it was difficult for audience imagine that actually happening. Would there yes, really come a day once you"d rotate on your tv and not see Walters" challenge on the network? together it turns out, yes, that"s specifically what happened.

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So, whereby oh where has the legend journalist and personality gone? and also just what has actually she been up to due to the fact that leaving The View in 2014? The List has the scoop for you.

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You may not see Walters very much these days, but she"s still only partially retired. Just as she ongoing to star ~ above The View after ~ stepping far from 20/20, Walters career is just on the back burner. In 2017, Variety report on The View"s new executive producer, Brian Teta. Because that years, Walters had actually served together an executive producer because that the show. Retirement would certainly certainly change all that that, right? Nope. Also when Teta to be hired, Walters remained. Together of so late 2017, Teta operated in tandem v Walters.

Even beyond The View, Walters continued to be under contract with ABC post-retirement. In one interview with New York Post, Walters said, "I"m no looking for one more job, yet there are various other things I can want come do." She hinted at principles for brand-new shows, possibly also outside the ABC, however added, "Maybe not necessarily at all. Yet I like that procedure of creating." fair enough. 

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On the Friday of Walters" final week on The View, she awoke beforehand for an appearance on ABC"s great Morning America to talk about her retirement plans. The following Monday, she"d finally get to fully experience she sweet new lifestyle. "I"m going to lounge in bed till 3 in the afternoon," Walters called ABC News. Can you blame her? 

"I have always had a schedule. I"ve constantly had deadlines," she explained, "I"ve constantly had things to do." She went on to say just how she was greatly looking forward to having actually "nothing" walking on. As a woman who worked so tough for for this reason long, she days of float around and keeping she schedule empty naturally didn"t critical forever. When speaking through the New York Post, Walters said she was heading to Europe with a girlfriend on may 16, 2014 — the very day her final episode the The View aired. Hopefully she took pleasure in at least a couple of restful mornings!

While it"s true that Walters wasn"t plan a full retirement, she did announce that she would certainly be stepping far from ABC"s 10 most Fascinating People. Fast-forward come 2015 and also it became evident that her decision didn"t stick.

"I recognize we stated last year was our last, yet there are just too many fascinating world out there... And also you never ever pass up the opportunity to interview Oprah, Neil , Chelsea , or Scarlett ," she said in an announcement (via Deadline). Back she didn"t cite Bradley Cooper in she statement, it to be clear that she uncovered him, um, fascinating.

Entertainment Tonight quotes Walters informing Cooper, "I might just sit and also stare in ~ you yet that would take too much time." She additionally went ~ above to contact the actor "very screwable," in addition to "sexy" and also "handsome." go she come the end of retirement simply to accomplish Bradley Cooper? we wouldn"t fault she if she did. Acquire it, Babs! 

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In November 2016, Radar Online reported that Walters hadn"t to be photographed — at the very least not in windy — because that over 130 days. Top top July 13 of the same year, she to visit the premier that Woody Allen"s movie, Café Society, in brand-new York. If 130 job sounds choose a lengthy time, that number has grown exponentially. As of this writing, Walters still hasn"t been seen, no one photographed, in public.

This is, that course, concerning. Indigenous a strictly statistics standpoint, she is certainly fighting one uphill battle. According to World financial institution data provided to Google, life span in the United says is roughly 79 years. In September 2019, Walters will turn 89. You"ve most likely heard the old adage that retirement can be a kiss of fatality of sorts — and there is some fact to this. A study performed by the American newspaper of Epidemiology found that, compared to quiet employed individuals, retirees had a 51 percent increase in mortality. It"s not specifically a pleasant thought, however it does support why so plenty of are fearful over her health.

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Fueling even more concern about Walters" well-being is the reality that"s she been abnormally quiet. In October 2017, a video of Walters interviewing Corey Feldman on The View resurfaced. At the time, which remained in 2013, Feldman was detailing abuse experienced at the hands of powerful men in Hollywood. Knowing what we now know around Harvey Weinstein and also other members the Hollywood"s elite, the interview is painful come watch. Walters rebuts Feldman"s claims and even tells him that he"s "damaging whole industry." In the wake of the Me too movement, some felt Walters have to publicly apologize to Feldman. However, Walters went silent on social media a month before the clip do its rounds. 

Her critical retweet was sent on September 28, 2017 and also her last authored tweet was simply three days prior, in i beg your pardon she wrote: "Thanks for every one of the heat birthday desire from far and wide. I evaluate everyone who got to out top top my unique day." and since then? Radio silence throughout all platforms. Seems she"s join the club of celebs who ended up being recluses.

Since Walters hasn"t been watched or heard from lot recently, imaginations have actually been running wild. In September 2017, TMZ reported the Walters has come to be "forgetful, fear of falling, and isolated." not true, states Walters" PR rep, Cindi Berger. When speaking with Fox News, Berger did she utmost to work out the rumors, saying, "I see Barbara every 2-3 weeks and also she"s fine." Berger more added, "I"m actually seeing her next week because that tea." In one critical clarification, Berger told the network news the there to be "no truth" to TMZ"s claims.

Perhaps Walters is simply enjoying her under time — for once — and, after a lifetime of making windy appearances, simply isn"t feeling it anymore. Berger didn"t administer any explanation concerning what Walters" has been as much as as that late, other than having occasional tea dates, that course, yet she definitely made one thing crystal clear: Barbara Walters is alive and also well.

Despite Walters" rep"s hopeful remarks ~ above the then-88-year-old"s health, conflict reports have continued to choose up steam. In June 2018, Radar Online spoke v an anonymous source who asserted Walters is busy planning her own funeral. Say what now? "She gained the idea to contact it her "Exit Plan" from her late friend, writer Nora Ephron," the resource told the site. Ephron yes, really did plan her own funeral, and the 2 were, in fact, close friends, for this reason that part checks out.

Walters is a spectacular reporter so she"d absolutely have the talent for writing up an "exit plan," yet it"s tough to know if this story yes, really holds any water. Return Waters" PR rep Cindi Berger has not yet commented on this case in Walters" behalf, she go definitively shut down TMZ"s earlier claims — which also stemmed indigenous an anonymous source — the the TV icon is in bad health. Hope Berger will certainly clear this all up soon.

While Walters may, indeed, be A-okay, she generally isn"t one to publicize her wellness struggles. When speaking at the chest Cancer research Symposium and also Awards luncheon in October 2014, the then-85-year-old matriarch opened up around her an individual connection come the disease.

"Some years back, I found a small lump in mine breast," Walters revealed to the audience (via Us Weekly), "I had actually a lumpectomy." Walters stated she hadn"t debated it publicly, up till this point, together she felt "there was no reason to." Instead, Walters elected to tell just a couple of people. She reassured those in attendance, saying, "I to be fine, I"ve had no recurrence." 

In 2010, Walters also had to undergo heart surgical treatment to replace an aortic valve. Return she did announce her upcoming surgical treatment plans top top The View, she retained her condition private for fairly some time. "I have known around this problem for a when now," she admitted.

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We haven"t to be graced v Barbara Walters" visibility — one of two people in publicly or digital — in recent years, but she"s still very much a component of a project planned because that 2019. In ~ the outset of 2018, sarah Lawrence College began building a $35 million campus center, i beg your pardon they"ve currently named the "Barbara Walters Campus Center." As defined on buy it Lawrence"s site, Walters is an "esteemed alumna" of the college and also donated a generous $15 million for the building"s construction.

Although the college acknowledged that Walters was unable to attend the ceremony noting the beginning of construction, buy it Lawrence president Cristle Collins Judd recited a message indigenous Walters, saying, in part, "We deserve to look front to a location of study, contemplation, and socializing that will be a focus that the College has actually not had before." The 34,800 square foot center is intended to open up in fall 2019. Hopefully Walters will certainly make an appearance because that the ribbon cutting.