The Pennsylvania supreme Court overturned invoice Cosby"s sexual attack conviction ~ above Wednesday, paving the method for the 83-year-old to be released from jail after serving an ext than 2 years of a three- to ten-year sentence.

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bill Cosby arrives for sentencing because that his sexual attack trial in ~ the Montgomery ar Courthouse ... <+> on September 25, 2018, in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

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The court claimed that a promise a vault prosecutor had actually made no to prosecute Cosby in order to compel him come testify in a polite lawsuit supposed he couldn’t legally be fee in the sexual attack case.

In 2018, Cosby to be convicted that drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in ~ his Pennsylvania estate in 2004, bring about a sentence in September 2018 of 3 to ten years in prison.

But in 2005, then Montgomery County district Attorney Bruce Castor established the case versus Cosby was unwinnable, leading to an agreement that Cosby would certainly not be charged—but he would certainly be deposed because that a polite suit carried by Constand.

That deposition was used years later on to fee Cosby just days prior to the state of limitations for sexual assault was collection to expire, causing a 2017 mistrial after jurors deadlocked.

Cosby was tried again in 2018, and also was convicted after prosecutors referred to as several females who’d made comparable claims of drugging and also sexual attack to testify—which walk not take place in the 2017 trial.

The can be fried Court also ruled that enabling the accusers’ testimony to be inappropriate, finding it offered as much more of a character strike than affirming a sample of criminal behavior.

Crucial Quote

“Denying the defendant the benefit of the decision is one affront to basic fairness,” the Pennsylvania can be fried Court said of the 2005 agreement. “Particularly as soon as it outcomes in a criminal prosecution the was foregone for much more than a decade.”

What To clock For

Cosby’s publicist, Andrew Wyatt, will supposedly pick him up from the state jail in Skippack Township on Wednesday afternoon.

Key Background

Before the accusations surfaced, Cosby had actually a public image as a wholesome comedian and was regularly referred to as “America’s Dad.” His 1984–92 tv series, The Cosby Show, was thought about a landmark in tv as the very first highly popular display to depict a stable and successful black family. Cosby additionally created the beloved character “Fat Albert” indigenous his years as a comic and also launched an animated collection aimed in ~ preschoolers dubbed Little invoice in 1999. His shows were greatly pulled from tv after the sexual attack allegations ended up being public.


Castor—the DA that made the covenant with Cosby—served together a member of chairman Donald Trump’s defense team during his second impeachment attempt in 2020. His opened statement to be widely thought about a rambling and bizarre defense.

Surprising Fact

A moment attributed with bringing what had been longstanding—but not extensively known—allegations versus Cosby right into the spotlight come in 2014, once comedian Hannibal Buress discussed them as component of a joke throughout a stand-up show at a Philadelphia theater. Buress said he had actually used the bit for around six months, yet a video clip of the 2014 display widely spread out online, leading numerous to learn of the allegations against Cosby because that the an initial time.

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