Jonathan Bush, a former fundraiser, investment manager, dancer and also the critical living sibling of his generation that the storied politics family, has actually died. He to be 89.

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The younger brothers of so late President George H. W. Bush and also father that Extra's Billy Bush, Jonathan passed away Wednesday, one day before his 90th birthday, at residence in Jupiter, Florida, the associated Press reported.

"There goes the best man I'll ever know," Billy composed in a Thursday Instagram post in addition to several picture of his father.

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"Happy 90th dad and thanks for this good life and also being the best dad ever," Billy continued. "Everything worth understanding I acquired from you and also mom. Ns watched you leaving this earth and also I know exactly where you are now. It makes me happy. I feel blessed. The legend will never fade.

The George & Barbara Bush structure also mourned Jonathan in a explain on Thursday: "Our prayers and also love are with the shrub family as we mental a exorbitant husband, father, grandfather and also brother, a well gentleman, and also a noble soul."


President bush golfs v his brothers, Prescott, Bucky, and also Jonathan in Kennebunkport, Maine. 01 Jul 91




"And discovering Jonathan," the explain continued, "he likewise would like for us to observe he was a great song and dance man — there is no a doubt the best dancer the his siblings, every one of whom he now joins in heaven."

Indeed, Jonathan invested some four and a half years as a dancer and also actor (and perform in five productions the Oklahoma!) ~ leaving the Army, according to The new York Times. Yet he left display business and also turned to finance ~ failing one audition because that a Broadway display when he to be 30.

Later in life, Jonathan ended up being influential in Republican national politics in new York and was a fundraiser for his brothers — despite he demurred in a 1988 interview through the Times on authorized the shrub administration: "It simply isn't ideal for family to get involved. I have actually a good relationship in which I can express mine feelings."

"I prefer being involved,'' Jonathan said then. ''I favor competition. Politics is a huge game of gossip; there's certainly no money in it.''

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