CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin has now tested an unfavorable for the novel coronavirus after ~ weeks that recovery following the optimistic diagnosis that she announced on April 3.

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CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin has now tested an adverse for the novel coronavirus ~ weeks that recovery adhering to the confident diagnosis that she announced April 3.

Baldwin ~ above Thursday post a video clip on Instagram of her being nasal-swabbed.

“My test just came back negative,” she wrote. “I am virus free! i would prefer to do SOME great as a an outcome of this: ideally donate my plasma come those who are very sick. And in order to execute that, I need an antibody test. And also to obtain an antibody test, I required a an adverse #COVID19 result. So… over there ya go.”

Baldwin, who has recorded her struggle with the fatal virus, ended her message by saying, “Thank girlfriend again come the docs and also the registered nurses on the frontlines law the genuine work.”

She additionally thanked her viewers, fans and also colleagues for “all her love and also support and messages.”

CNN anchor Jake Tapper commemorated Baldwin’s update. “GREAT news,” he created on Twitter. “
BrookeBCNN is virus free!”

Baldwin announced the she will go back to hosting her everyday news present next week.

Baldwin’s colleague, primetime anchor chris Cuomo, on Monday announced that he’s to be cleared to see his household again after ~ recovering indigenous the virus.

But Cuomo and his wife, Christina, that has also tested positive for the virus, revealed Wednesday that their teenage son has it, as well.

CNN anchor Richard pursuit announced previously this week that he has tested optimistic for the virus, however he, like Cuomo, has continued hosting his show.

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“At the moment, i feel fine,” search said. “I feel good, and also there are necessary things that you and also I should talk around every night.”

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