Walt Disney world has just closed a few times in the several decades it’s to be open. The most recent closure — indigenous March 2020 with July 2020 — was unprecedented, but most the the other closures have actually been weather-related!

Unsurprisingly, those weather closures were hurricane-related.

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But despite a handful of hurricane-related closures, have actually the substantial named storms really caused serious damage to any kind of Disney world structures?

Those structure Disney people were no unaware of Florida’s fairly high likelihood the encountering huge storms, and Disney civilization is truly constructed to sustain hurricane pressure winds and rain. Contradictory to famous legend, Cinderella lock cannot it is in taken personally in the occasion of a hurricane. Instead, it was constructed to withstand winds the at least 90 miles every hour.

Cinderella Castle

The majority of the damage Disney human being has sustained from hurricanes end the previous years have actually been fairly minimal. Based upon what we’ve seen, it shows up the most damages was resulted in by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

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Hurricane Irma hit the Disney people area top top September 10, 2017, as a classification 2 hurricane v minimum sustained winds the 96mph. Every Disney people theme parks and also the water parks and Disney Springs were closed in the evening of September 9 and also remained closeup of the door the complying with two days. Although Disney avoided extensive damage from the storm, it didn’t escape totally unscathed.

Trees and also Debris

There to be a many trees that came down from the storm. We discovered these photos shared in posts from FoxNews and Newsweek. There to be quite a couple of trees down by Cinderella castle in Magic Kingdom…

Damage close to Cinderella's castle