Since his death in so late 2017, glen Campbell"s will has been the subject of a an extensive court fight as the country singer"s youngsters attempt to challenge the validity the the will, produced in 2006. 

July 2018: Nashville referee rules children"s right to contest, Campbell"s daughter request accounting

A Nashville referee ruled in late July the Campbell"s three children have the stand to contest the validity that the will, because of questions around the so late singer"s capacity. Campbell suffered from Alzheimer"s an illness for numerous years prior to this 2017 death. 

The 2 wills contested are native Sept. 1, 2006 and Jan. 7, 2001. The 2006 will names Campbell"s widow, Kimberly Campbell, and also five other children, together beneficiaries. 

Lawyers for Campbell"s publicist filed in beforehand July for additional powers so that he might hire accountants and also other professionals to aid in the estimation of assets. The petition also states the the continuous will dispute hindered the development of usual estate management activities. 

Campbell"s daughterfiled a insurance claim on July 14 to request a complete audit of a previously undisclosed financial institution account owned by Cambell"s widow, Kimberly Campbell. The account had previously to be a share account. 

It was revealed the all royalty and also related payments had actually been deposited right into that account.

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May 2018: Widow move to defend inheritance

Campbell"s widow filed in Mayto invoke a Tennessee legislation that guarantees a widow a collection percentage of her husband"s estate in the event he die without a valid will. 

Kimberly Campbell"s filing had a 40 percent re-superstructure of the estate, and a year"s assistance allowance. 

April 2018: estimates of Campbell"s precious fall

Although Campbell"s estate to be previously approximated to be precious $50 million, April court papers revealed the heritage was rather worth simply $410,221. The largest asset was a 50 percent sate in the AZPB limited Partnership. The figure excluded revenue from future royalties the Campbell songs.

Other court filings confirmed that Campbell"s assets likewise included a stake in Arizona Diamondbacks. 


March 2018: Spouse seeks an ext than $500,000 because that Alzheimer"s care

Campbell"s widow, Kimberly Campbell, filed a case for $506,380 for reimbursement of money spent during Campbell"s fight with Alzheimer"s disease. Expenses had the price of aided living care, the environment of a protection fence, and also legal fees.

Kimberly Campbell likewise filed a case for $14,246 to recover an insurance payment because that water damage that was erroneously payment to the estate rather of the family members trust. 

Jan. 2018: Campbell"s publicist subpoenaed

Three of Campbell"s eight kids filed a an obstacle to the star"s 13-page will certainly in an answer to being cut out that the will.

Davidson Probate Court approve a subpoena because that Sanford Brokaw, Campbell"s publicist, to show up for testimony ~ above Feb. 20. The subpoena calls for Brokaw to display Campbell"s capacity since 2002.

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Nov. 2017: 3 that 8 youngsters excluded from will 

Court documents revealed in late 2017 that Cambell"s will had excluded 3 of his eight children. It stated that he was "specifically excluding" his daughter Kelli and also sons William and Wesley from receiving anything indigenous the will certainly or a related trust. 

The will, dated for September that 2006, also also surname his wife, Kimberly, together the executor. 

Aug. 2017: "Rhinestone Cowboy" singer dies

Country music star glenn Campbell passed away of Alzheimer"s condition on Aug. 8, 2017. He was 81. 

Known because that songs choose "Gentle On mine Mind," Galveston," Wichita Lineman," and "Rhinestone Cowboy," Campbell was inducted into the nation Music room of call in 2005.

He has eight children from four various marriages. 

GLEN CAMPBELL WILL:Glen Campbell"s daughter demands accounting of estate as will dispute looms

GLEN CAMPBELL DEATH:Glen Campbell, "Rhinestone Cowboy" singer, dead in ~ 81


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