‘Good Morning America’ Is the No. 1 Morning show in complete Viewers for the main of July 20

‘GMA’ posts Week come Week Gainsin All crucial Target Demos: total Viewers, adults 25-54 and Adults 18-49

Season come Date, ‘GMA’ Is theNo. 1 Morning present in complete Viewers because that the 8th Consecutive Year and also IsIncreasing Its benefit Over ‘Today’ Versus last Season to Its largest in 3Years

‘GMA’ Is cut Its SeasonMargin through ‘Today’ By twin Digits in adult 25-54, Posting the ClosestPerformance in 5 Years

TheFirst Season the ‘Wild Crime,’ focused on the Murder examination of ToniHenthorn in Rocky hill National Park, will certainly Premiere solely on Hulu Tuesday,Sept. 28

Eighty-five million acres make up the nationwide Park System, andonly 33 distinct agents nationwide room responsible because that investigating crimes thatoccur ~ above this windy land. In alphabet News’ an initial Hulu Original series production, “WildCrime” chronicles this uniquelyqualified team that leads the investigations as they look for to carry law andorder to few of America’s most rugged and also remote landscapes, tackling a newcase every season.

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The first installment of the series,which will certainly debut solely on Hulu ~ above Tuesday, Sept. 28, with oneepisode dropping every night with Friday, Oct. 1, centers top top the murder of ToniHenthorn in Rocky hill National Park and also the investigation right into herhusband, Harold Henthorn, v the eyes of nationwide Park organization Special AgentBeth Shott and rangers. End thecourse of four one-hour episodes, docuseries “Wild Crime” dives right into the couple’s troublingrelationship dynamic. When Toni and Harold are on a romantic anniversarygetaway to Rocky hill National Park, Toni suspiciously falls to her deathoff the a far cliff, and Shott investigates what may be much more than anaccident. The investigation right into Toni’s murder likewise leads certified dealer Shott toreexamine the violent and mysterious fatality of Harold’s an initial wife, Lynn, 17years earlier. In the middle of it all is a little girl named Haley, Toni andHarold’s daughter, whose life can hang in the balance. The clock ticks forinvestigators to placed the pieces of this puzzle together.

Produced in the Summer the 2020, the collection features interviewswith distinct Agent Shott, other ISB unique agents and also NPS rangers, FBI agent Jonny Grusing, assistant united Statesattorneys Valeria Spencer and SuneetaHazra, and family and friends of the Henthorns, including Toni’sfather Bob Bertolet, Toni’s brothers Todd Bertolet, and experts who’vecovered the case including writer CalebHannan.

“Wild Crime” is developed forHulu by alphabet News and LoneWolf Media. Lisa Q. Wolfinger is executive, management producer and also director, and also RushmoreDeNooyer is series producer. David Sloan serves as an elderly executive producerfor alphabet News.


“She had actually a bad Fall”

Harold Henthorn renders a harrowing 911 call call, report thathis wife Toni is gravely hurt after falling off a cliff top top a remotewilderness trail. By the time a ranger arrives on the scene, Toni is dead.After a regimen investigation, suspiciously details emerge, consisting of thatHarold’s account that the accident is inconsistent and contradicts itself.Special certified dealer Beth Shott the theInvestigative services Branch (ISB), the detective pressure of the national ParkService (NPS), beginning her work on the case. At the very same time, authorities beginto get anonymous letters and phone calls, leading them to reopen aninvestigation right into the death of Harold’s an initial wife, Lynn Rishell Henthorn, whodied 17 year prior.

“The very first Wife”

As distinct Agent Shott investigates the suspicious fatality ofHarold’s mam Toni, anonymous letters and also phone calls lead authorities toreopen one investigation into the fatality 17 years previously of Harold’s an initial wife,Lynn Rishell Henthorn, in what had appeared to be a freak accident top top a remotemountain road. Shott and also two that the original investigators on the instance mount anew inquiry right into the incident.

“A third Victim?”

As the investigation into the suspicious death of Toni continues, SpecialAgent Shott learn something startling around Harold’s unusually closerelationship with his sister-in-law. Together the case grows in complexity, Shott isjoined through FBI agent Jonny Grusing,who specializes in serial killers.

“Justice for Haley”

A search of the Henthorn residence leads investigators to reveal one ofHarold’s greatest secrets. Shott and also Grusing, she FBI partner, room confidentthat Harold murdered Toni, however they need to assemble one airtight instance with everyscrap of evidence they can find. Criminal profiler Bryanna Fox providesadditional insights right into Harold’s background and also behavior, leadinginvestigators to problem that Harold and also Toni’s young daughter, Haley, could alsohave remained in danger.

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Season come Date,‘GMA’ Is No.1 in full Viewers because that the 10th Year in a Row


ABC News announced now the special “The RealQueens of Hip-Hop: The women Who readjusted the Game,” which takes anintimate look at the evolution and influence of females emcees and also rappers, called bythe trailblazing artists who helped produce a musical and social empire.Featuring an all-female interview lineup, Salt of Salt-N-Pepa narratesthe special, in addition to original spoken word performances through the legend MCLyte and an original score by WondaGurl. This one-hour programfeatures new interviews indigenous today’s chart-toppers like City Girls,along through pioneers the the ‘70s like “mother of the mic” MC Sha-Rock andstars that the ‘80s, ‘90s and also ‘00s consisting of Da Brat, Eve, Trinaand Yo-Yo. These groundbreaking artists open up up about their biggestcareer moments and share a behind-the-scenes look right into their personal stories.The program additionally includes a rare intergenerational conversation hosted by radiopersonality and also rapper Angie Martinez v Lakeyah, Lil Mamaand Roxanne Shanté who talk about their shared experiences on break intoa male-dominated industry, the market placing body and also beauty pressureon women in the spotlight and how the internet and social media have actually changedthe laboratory game. “The Real majesties of Hip-Hop: The women Who readjusted the video game –An abc News Special” airs Monday, Oct. 18 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), onABC and can be perceived the following day ~ above demand and onHulu.

Ahead the the highly anticipated collection premiereof ABC’s primetime drama “Queens,” “The Real emperors of Hip-Hop” chroniclesthe origins of hip-hop together it flourished from urban culture in the ‘70s and ‘80s, andeventually exploded right into the pop mainstream together a worldwide recognized musicalgenre and social phenomenon. That explores just how the strides of every generationinfluenced the next and celebrates what the genre has become and also the females whohave ushered it forward and continue to press its boundaries.

“I prospered up hearne to and loving the pioneeringwork of woman emcees and also was amazing by how much i learned when previewing thisspecial,” said Marie Nelson, senior vice chairman of combined contentstrategy, alphabet News. “With projects choose ‘The Real majesties of Hip-Hop,’ abc Newsand alphabet Entertainment space working come super-serve culturally diverse andmultigenerational audiences v authentic and relevant storytelling thatwidens the lens and also places their experiences in ~ the center.”

The Real majesties of Hip-Hop” is producedby an all-female management team at abc News. Fatima Curry is director, andMelia Patria and Curry space co-executive producers.

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Highlightsof the mainly include:

Monday,September 13— BaylorSt. Luke’s McNair Campus Emergency Medicine clinical Director Dr. Richina Bicette; author Colin Cowie (“The yellow Standard”);singers Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas (‘Celebrationof CrazySexyCool’ national Tour)

Tuesday,September 14 – California Secretary the State Dr. Shirley Weber;executive producer Morgan Freeman and also Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr.(“The killing of Kenneth Chamberlain”); comedian Jo Koy

Wednesday,September 15— RepresentativeCarlos Gimenez (R-FL); rapper andauthor Bobby room a.k.a. LOGIC(“This glowing Future”); actress EmilyHampshire (“Chapelwaite”); Deals and Steals through ABCe-commerce editor Tory Johnson

Thursday,September 16 – Registered dietitian Amy Keating; actor MorrisChestnut (“Our sort of People”)

Friday,September 17— FaithFriday v Pastor Levi Lusko (“RoarLike a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith”)

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Week to Week, ‘The View’ articles Gains throughout the Board, Hitting Season highs in Both an essential Women Demos

Thefollowing report highlights the programming that ABC’s “GMA3: What You require toKnow” during the week of September 27 – October 1. “GMA3: What You need toKnow” is a one-hour regime co-anchored through Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes v Dr.Jennifer Ashton as chief clinical correspondent. The news routine airs weekdaysat 1:00 p.m. ET| 12:00 p.m. CT top top ABC and 4:00 p.m. And also 6:00 p.m. ET on ABCNews Live.

Highlightsof the mainly include:

Monday,September 27— Commandantof the unified States shore Guard AdmiralKarl Schultz; gibbs Michael JamesScott (Broadway’s “Aladdin”); actress FreidaPinto (“Intrusion”)

Tuesday,September 28 – Author Phoebe Robinson joins as a guestco-host (“Please Don’t Sit On mine Bed In Your exterior Clothes”); EPAAdministrator Michael Regan; actors Sara Bareilles and JenniferNettles (“Broadway’s “Waitress”); Crafty Lumberjacks Andrew Boza& Dennis Setteducati; director Andy Serkis (“Venom: Let there Be Carnage”)

Wednesday,September 29— NationalImmigration Law facility Executive director MarielenaHincapié; writer Anita Hill(“Believing”); musician and also author StevieVan Zandt (“Unrequited Infatuations”); Deals and also Steals with ABCe-commerce editor Tory Johnson

Thursday,September 30 – councilor Roger Marshall (R-KS); singer andauthor Alicia Witt (“Small Changes”); actress Gabourey Sidibe (“If ns Go lacking the Witches go It”)

Friday,October 1— Emily’sList chairman Laphonza Butler;Faith Friday with The Kabbalah center Chief communications Officer Monica Berg; actor Justin Long (“Lady that the Manor”)

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Live Coverage ~ above the 20thAnniversary the 9/11, beginning Saturday, Sept. 11, in ~ 8:00 A.M. EDT ~ above ABC, LedBy Anchors David Muir, Robin Roberts and also Diane Sawyer

Three Primetime Specials indigenous Robertson Wednesday, Sept. 8, and Muir and also Sawyer on Friday, Sept. 10, to Air ~ above ABC

George Stephanopoulos Narrates Five-PartDocuseries and Linsey Davis Anchors Hour-Long Special, Both Premiering MondayNight, Sept. 6, on alphabet News Live

ABCNews Live Dedicates complete 24 hrs to 9/11 Programming ~ above 20-Year Anniversary

*ABC News

Following the killing of fourth-grade teacher Mickey Bryan 36 yearsago – top top Oct. 15, 1985 – fear and also shock washed over Clifton, Texas, and localauthorities quickly arrested she husband, Joe Bryan. Four months earlier anothercrime rocked the tiny town: the murder of 17-year-old Judy Whitley, laterlinked to former Clifton police officer Dennis Dunlap. ~ Bryan invested morethan three years in prison for Mickey’s murder, crucial expert testimony aboutforensic proof used versus him proved faulty. Those close come the casewondered – might the two homicides it is in linked and also could Dunlap it is in Mickey’skiller, too? In a brand-new two-hour program, “20/20” co-anchor Amy Robach, who’s beenfollowing this case for years, sit down with Bryan because that his very first broadcast TV interview. Heopens up around the investigation right into Mickey’s murder, his time in prison, howit feels to be out of prison after being paroled in 2020 top top his eighth attempt,his reunion v his family, and his continued mission to clean his name, includinghis work-related with The Innocence project of Texas. “20/20” functions an interviewwith john Grisham, global bestselling writer of a novel inspired in part byBryan’s case, and also exclusive interviews v Penny Blue, Mickey’s sister; ElaineAllen, one of Dunlap’s ex-wives; and Kenneth Fields, previous Clifton policeofficer who worked with Dunlap. The program likewise includes the critical interviewwith Leon Smith, former publisher and also editor of local newspaper “TheClifton Record,” and a longtime champion the Bryan’s innocence that was composing abook on the instance prior come his death in 2020. Other interviews encompass JessiFreud, Walter Reaves Jr. And also Allison Clayton, Bryan’s appeals attorneys; JimBryan, Bryan’s brother; and extr family and also friends that Bryan. “20/20” airs Friday, Oct. 15 (9:01–11:00 p.m.EDT), top top ABC.

ABCNews’ “20/20” is an award-winning primetime program anchored by David Muir andAmy Robach. A proven leader as a long-form newsmagazine because that over 40 years,“20/20” attributes unforgettable, character-driven true-crime mysteries,exclusive newsmaker interviews, hard-hitting investigative reports and in-depthcoverage of high file stories. The two-hour “20/20” occasions air Fridays from9:01–11:00 p.m. EDT top top ABC and are obtainable to present on alphabet News digitalplatforms and also Hulu.David Sloan is senior executive producer, and Janice Johnston is executiveproducer.

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ABC Audio vice President and also General Manager Stacia PhilipsDeshishku sent the complying with note to staff announcing Liz Alesse together directorand executive producer that Podcast Programming.


*ABC/Heidi Gutman


I amthrilled to announce the Liz Alesse will formally sign up with ABC Audio together the newdirector and executive producer the Podcast Programming, effective immediately.

As friend allknow, Liz has been top our podcast team because last November. What startedas a six-month big assignment has turned right into a permanent role, and also wecouldn’t be luckier! Liz has already been able to leverage her understanding ofthe news department and relationships throughout the communication on instead of of ABCAudio, working on current podcasts including “In plain Sight: Lady Bird Johnson”and “Life the end Loud with LZ Granderson.” She has large plans because that the unit,including adding new titles and seasons come our currently podcast library.

Liz is askilled producer in the control room, modify bay and also in the field. She mostrecently served as a supervising producer with the Pennsylvania avenue unit.While in the role, Liz took on special assignments that included leading siteproduction the the spin room at the 2020 brand-new Hampshire democratic primary debateand the 2 presidential town halls in Philadelphia. Liz started her job atABC News in 2015. In ~ “This Week v GeorgeStephanopoulos,” she managed the team and also oversaw production and operations forthe show, and also even served as interim executive producer. Prior to ABC, Liz gother start in regional news, developing in her hometown the Albany, brand-new York, beforemoving come Boston, Massachusetts, whereby she operated at brand-new England Cable News(NECN) and also WGBH.

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Liz hasbeen a true force since her arrival, from finding out the intricacies the thebusiness and the editorial nuances of podcasting come hiring and also inspiring newteam members. And also she is just gaining started. I look front to what’s nextfor our talented podcasting team as they proceed to flourish our award-winninglibrary.

Pleasejoin me in congratulating Liz and also officially welcoming she to the alphabet Audiofamily.