Joe Biden has passed the threshold to win 270 electoral college votes, making the the president-elect.(Reuters: Jonathan Ernst)
Joe Biden has hit the magic number of 270 electoral votes.

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When the happens in regular times, the convention is because that the shedding candidate to contact the winner and also concede, setup in train a peaceful transfer of power.

But us President Donald trumped won't be choose up the phone to Biden any type of time soon.

"Winning is easy," the President said on election day.

"Losing is never ever easy. Not for me it's not."


Joe Biden's supporters have actually taken come the streets, demanding every vote be counted.(AP/Chicago Sun-Times: Ashlee Rezin Garcia)

Many of his supporters just don't believe any government election official or member that the news media who says Joe Biden has won.

They think the election has actually been stolen.

This is among the nightmare scenarios security experts have been worried about.

Biden supporters have been marching on the streets, demanding the every poll be counted.

Trump pendant have additionally taken come the streets, but they're having a bob every way.

In Arizona, wherein Trump has actually been closing the gap on Biden, they've descended on counting stations, several of them moving guns, demanding the every poll for trumped is counted.

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In the claims where Biden is clawing ago Trump's lead, like Michigan, they're chanting: "Stop the Count!"

It's inconsistent, to say the least, however this is a winner-takes-all battle, where all the norms and niceties have been thrown the end the window.

Trump may need to it is in told if the runs the end of options

In 2000, as soon as it looked choose defeat to be on the cards on choice night, democratic nominee Al Gore phoned George W bush to concede.

But when he realised just how close the count was in Florida, that retracted his concession.

After main of chaotic recounting and court battles, Gore at some point conceded a second time and lost the election.