After 41 months behind bars because that fraud, the “Real Housewives of new Jersey” star, 47, to be released native Allenwood Low commonwealth Correctional institution in Pennsylvania and transferred to ice custody on march 14, as a feasible deportation to his native Italy loomed. It was ruled in 2018 the he was to be deported to Italy after ~ the end of his sentence, but he appealed the judge’s decision.

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He to be hoping to go house to his mam of 20 years, Teresa Giudice, 47, and their four daughters, Gia, 18, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 10, however instead was required to remain behind bars while the awaited a judge’s decision on his deportation situation appeal.

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Then in April, Joe’s appeal to be denied, and his daughters instantly jumped on society media come fight for him. Gia released a petition to advice President trumped to protect against his deportation and also Milania posted a sweet tribute to her dad ~ above her own Instagram page.

In September, Joe showed up in court, pleading through a judge to let him go home to his family in new Jersey. However his attempt to be unsuccessful and also he was ordered to continue to be locked up.

“Joe is anxious and he desperately desires to come home,” an insider told page Six in ~ the time, when James Leonard Jr., the family’s lawyer, said us, “This is obviously a very crucial hearing for Joe and his family.”

Joe climate asked the court come let that live in Italy — rather of in custody in the us — as the referee made a decision.

He also started to setup his post-prison life if he to be behind bars, through an insider telling us that he was starting to prepare for a career competing in mixed martial arts.

“This is one of the points that that is adamant around and he has actually been speaking about it for rather some time. He no just chef this up last night,” the insider said us. “It’s one of the reasons why he’s functioned so hard to stay in shape and get in shape and also whatnot.”

Joe’s inquiry to return to Italy to be granted top top Oct. 3, and he flew come his homeland a little over a main later. He join Instagram and began mirroring off his muscled brand-new physique.

(From right) Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice (via satellite from Italy) chat through Andy Cohen on air.Charles Sykes/Bravo

He then chatted through Bravo around his experience, saying: “Life, it’s always far better to look through the windshield and also not with the rearview mirror, you know. That a much bigger snapshot when she looking through the windshield. But at the end of the day, people make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. I’ve learned a beneficial lesson from all this, and also I understand my family members is the most important thing come me. However it’s better that ns out below than in there. I just want to let you recognize that i love you, and also I’m always here because that you. You know that.”

He and also Teresa climate sat down for an interview with Andy Cohen, through Teresa in the “WWHL” studio and Joe appearing via satellite indigenous Italy. They confronted each various other over cheating rumors and also admitted that they did not recognize if lock would stay together.

Teresa and her household flew to Italy to see Joe because that the very first time there.

The visit lasted simply a couple of days, and also Bravo cameras to be rolling. Teresa revealed soon afterward that she did not have any kind of intention to check out Joe again until the summer.

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Rounding out a complicated 2019 for the Giudice family, it to be revealed in December that Teresa and also Joe had chose to different after two decades of marriage, with sources telling people earlier this month that Joe had already begun to day again.

But Joe’s 2020 looks come be off to a better start, together he closed the end 2019 by security the first Christmas in 3 years v his 4 daughters. He also posted a message on Instagram about looking towards the future, writing:“This year, I have actually done a most self reflection i now know to be Happy and content with who i am and also what I have food, bed, air, girls, and family. I learned in there every you need to do is love yourself and be the BEST!”