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On the one-year anniversary that Kelly Preston’s death, john Travolta has actually taken numerous public steps to both mourn and also move forward.

One year agotoday, the actor common the news that his wife had died at age 57 ~ a an enig battle with breast cancer. The "Grease" star required to Instagram at the time to share picture of his late bride and also announce the sad news.

"It is with a an extremely heavy heart that I educate you that my beautiful wife Kelly has lost her two-year battle with chest cancer," Travolta composed on Instagram top top July 12, 2020. "She battled a courageous fight through the love and support of so many."

He continued: "My family and also I will forever be grateful to she doctors and nurses in ~ MD Anderson Cancer Center, every the medical centers that have actually helped, as well as her plenty of friends and loved persons who have actually been by she side. Kelly’s love and also life will constantly be remembered. I will be taking some time to be there for my youngsters who have actually lost their mother, so pardon me in breakthrough if you don’t hear from us for a while. However please understand that I will feel her outpouring the love in the weeks and also months ahead as we heal. Every my love, JT."

Since that time, every eyes have been ~ above the 67-year-old, and son Benjamin, 10 and daughter Ella, 21, come see exactly how they’re coping through yet another loss because that the family. Travolta"s kid Jett passed far in 2009 at age 16 after enduring a seizure in ~ the family"s vacation home in the Bahamas.

One year later, that worth taking a watch at all the ways in i beg your pardon Travolta has actually been honoring his lover wife:

john Travolta and also Kelly Preston to be married from 1991 to her death in 2020. They shared three children. (AP)

Travolta take it a little bit of a break from the public eye following Preston’s death in the summer of 2020. However, he broke his quiet in the loss on what would have been her 58th birthday.

The actor significant the Oct. 12 occasion by share a article showing his parents, Salvatore and also Helen, in a black-and-white photo on their wedding day and also another photo of him and Preston ~ above theirs.

"Happy date of birth hon! I uncovered this photograph of my mom and also dad"s wedding. It to be nice to see ours alongside theirs," Travolta captioned the side-by-side pictures."All mine love, John."

The romantic gesture come his departed mam was the an initial time the tribute she publicly after ~ she died, but it would certainly not it is in his last.

First holiday

The holidays are an especially an overwhelming time because that grieving family members members, and also Travolta was no different. The star took to Instagram again critical year come share a short article marking the family’s first Thanksgiving without their matriarch.

In it, he particularly addressed the fans who had shown their support for him and also his kids following Preston’s death, noting the they were the thing that he to be the many thankful for on the particularly challenging holiday.


"I just want to take this moment to thank each and every among you for sustaining me in such an incredible way this year," Travolta said in a video post in ~ the time. "Happy Thanksgiving and constantly love."

Unfortunately, he was mum on details around how the family was celebrate the holiday, if in ~ all, in the wake of his wife’s death months prior. Still, the post of gratitude to be not shed on fans that were concerned about his wellbeing.

While Thanksgiving is a much an ext obvious vacation for families, Travolta and his daughter, Ella, noted that they room particularly large Super key fans and like to spend annually together the town hall both the huge game and also the myriad the commercials the come through it.

However, in 2020 they made decision to increase their game for the huge day by appearing together in a supervisor Bowl ad for Scotts Miracle-Gro that enabled them to display off both their father-daughter relationship and their dance moves.

The advertisement sees Travolta struggle with an iphone phone tripod prior to getting aid from Ella, who then join him in recreating the above "Grease" dance he performed alongside Olivia Newton-John in the 1978 classic.


"Super bowl for me is a major yearly celebration," Travolta listed ahead the the large premiere. "When Scotts Miracle-Gro request me to execute an advertisement for the at sight Bowl v my daughter ns was thrilled, especially because we were asked to run together."

It appears the famous couple closed its ranking a little bit to gain on through their stays by means of music and the heritage of your Super key Sunday.

"Each year I always look front to watching the Super key and all of the an excellent commercials," Ella added. "When Scotts Miracle-Gro available my dad and also I this opportunity, ns was overjoyed come share this impressive experience — no to point out dance together!"

His birthday

john Travolta"s daughter, Ella, mutual a birthday article for that after her mom, Kelly Preston, passed away months prior. (Randy Holmes via Getty Images)

In an act of further proof that the actor and Ella to be closing ranks in stimulate to support each other, the next time Travolta’s name made headlines to be after his daughter required to Instagram to pay tribute come him top top his 67th birthday in February.

"Happy date of birth to the most incredible man I have ever known. You are not just the finest Dad ever, yet you are also my ideal friend," the budding actress wrote on Instagram.

She also took a moment to thank her dad because that helping to raise her and also her brothers, an evident wink at her late mom and his continued efforts to pick up the slack she left behind.

"The civilization is so lucky to have you and so room we. I love friend Daddy. I had the finest time celebrating her birthday through you yesterday

man Travolta wished his daughter a happy birthday previously this year in the wake up of his wife, Kelly Preston"s death. (Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

Turning 21 is a huge milestone for people in America. So, to make sure that his daughter didn’t feeling depressed at the lose of her mom on her big day in April, Travolta shared an Instagram write-up of his own wishing her a happy birthday.

"Happy 21st date of birth to the most beautiful, kind, human being being and artist ns know. Her dad adores you!," the "Grease" star captioned the image.

He perfect the short article with a love emoji come further demonstrate his love for his kid.

Unfortunately, the ns of his mam wasn’t the only family members tragedy that Travolta and his household had to endure. In 2009, he and also Preston’s 16-year-old son, Jett, passed away while ~ above a family vacation come the Bahamas. Jett, that was autistic and also prone to having seizures, died after he had a seizure in the bath tub that led to a head injury.


In April, Travolta marked what would have been his first-born boy 28th birthday with a sweet write-up mourning his loss.

"Happy birthday my beautiful Jetty. I love you," he captioned the black-and-white photo.

Although that didn’t cite his late mam directly, countless in the comment were fast to note how challenging the work must have actually been because that Travolta. Before she died, reputation would constantly mark her late boy birthday v sweet articles of her own honoring him. Now, as soon as again, Travolta was left to carry out the emotional heavy lifting because that his household by himself.

Opening up

Actor john Travolta arrives at the 22nd annual Critics" selection Awards in Santa Monica, California, U.S., December 11, 2016. (REUTERS/Danny Moloshok )

Travolta spent the first few months after his wife’s death simply letting his fans know that he remained in the mourning process and trying come take treatment of his family members as finest he can. However, in April the actor sat down for an interview with Esquire España in which he talked around the lessons that learned in the wake up of two significant personal tragedies.

"I learned that mourning who is miscellaneous personal," the told the Spanish outlet. "Mourning is individual and also experiencing your very own journey is what deserve to lead come healing. This is various from who else"s journey."

He said that he learned the most important thing one can do for someone in mourning is to just let them have actually their individual process and not shot to project their very own feelings the grief on various other mourners.


"Let"s say you shed someone and at the funeral, friend are an extremely sad, an additional person ideologies who is emotion sadder and also then does not leave enough an are for you to mourn," he explained. "Otherwise, it will certainly be two watercrafts plummeting to the bottom. That is mine experience."

The star didn’t cite his household directly, however his interview seemingly implied that he had to discover to provide his household their very own space. In addition, he had to learn to provide himself the space he essential as well.

"The first thing you must do as soon as you endure grief is to go to a location where you can mourn, without any interference," the star concluded. "If I dice tomorrow, the last point I want to watch is that everyone approximately is sunk."

Travolta honored his mam on social media as soon as again on mummy Day, this time through a rare post written straight for her. The actor shared an old image of himself, Preston and Benjamin laying in bed dressed in all white together with a 2nd photo reflecting him, Preston and also Jett as soon as he was much younger.

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"Dearest Kelly, you lugged into mine life three of the many wonderful youngsters I have ever before known. Thank you. Us love and also miss you. Happy mummy Day," the actor created at the time.

After spending the far better part of a year focusing on his remaining household member’s wellbeing and learning to live with the grief of his loss, the star was finally talking around Preston directly and also sounding grateful for what she left the in life — his kids.

Moving forward

john Travolta announced a brand-new film duty following the fatality of his wife, Kelly Preston. (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Image)

Travolta shows up to it is in looking ahead to the future and he’s even trying come get ago to work as an actor adhering to a year that mourning his household as he knew it.

In May, it to be announced that he is collection to star together his "Pulp Fiction" co-star, Bruce Willis, in a film title "Paradise City."

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Deadline reports the film started production the adhering to month in Maui, Hawaii, definition that he is likely currently hard at work-related on the next chapter in his long and also storied career.

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According come the report, the action flick will view Willis, 66, seek vengeance versus Travolta, a kingpin who murdered Willis" household member.

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