The countdown is on — again! JoJo Fletcher and also Jordan Rodgers room eager come walk under the aisle in 2022 after ~ being compelled to postpone your wedding twice.

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“Every time us postpone, it’s had to it is in one year the end from the date because fall is no an option. Jordan’s gone because that football all fall and also there’s just a pair months that the year where our to meet is yes, really thriving and beautiful because it is outdoors, so the is simply May of following year,” the season 12 Bachelorette, 30, solely told Us Weekly while pointing out her partnership through Mercari. “We couldn’t gain our deposit back, it’s completely fine. We really carry out love this venue for this reason much and so us wouldn’t desire it everywhere else.”


JoJo Fletcher and also Jordan Rodgers. Courtesy of JoJo Fletcher/Instagram

Fletcher and also Rodgers, 32, got involved on the 2016 finale of the abc series. 3 years later, he popped the concern again and also the pair made move on wedding plans. Originally set to tie the knot in may 2020, Fletcher and also Rodgers rescheduled for might 2021 amid the coronavirus pandemic. Previously this year, they had to nix your plans again because of their venue’s restrictions.

“We’re doing it no matter what in ~ this point,” Fletcher said Us while acknowledging the the pair don’t regret waiting. “I think it’s simply a personal decision. Prefer part people, it was an ext important to them come say, ‘Listen, I simply want to get married. Ns don’t care about all this.’ and for Jordan and I, i feel favor time has constantly been in our favor and also we’ve always kind of just taken points at the speed that we were many comfortable and, like, we’ve waited for this reason long. I want it come be everything that us both dreamt up and also we wanted all the world there. Therefore it’s a personal decision, yet I would say if anyone else is waiting, simply know the it’s going come be precious it. That day is not any type of less special just because you’ve had actually to move it. If anything, it’s an ext special. Once life happens, we simply roll v the punches.”

Fletcher take it a huge step last month when she tried on her wedding dress for the very first time because 2019.

“I ready myself because that a really dark day,” she said Us, note she lugged BFFs Becca Tilly and Tanya Rad through her to choose up the dress. “They to be there through me the an initial time i tried on the original dress. And I’ll tell girlfriend what, the very first time i tried it on, i think mentally, ns was just, like, putting that block up, and also I to be like, ‘I don’t know.’ i didn’t acquire that reaction. I was like, ‘We acquired to shot on every the new ones.’ So, ns tried on all the brand-new ones and also I came ago to the original. Ns feel like that’s a win.”

The Cash Pad star did, however, opt to readjust her reception dress and is ~ above the hunt for a new party look.

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“I’ve already mentally committed to the idea the wanting ,” she explained. “It’s been a long time coming for this wedding and also I want a party, right? ns wanted, like, a fun party reception dress that i can totally feel fun and also let loosened in. And also that has actually a various vibe 보다 just very strictly bridal. I still desire it to it is in bridal, however I additionally want it to have actually a little bit much more fun. For this reason that’s type of what i’m going for. And also I simply feel prefer it’s 2 years of waiting. Ns deserve 2 dresses!”

As Fletcher waits for may 2022, she and Rodgers space remodeling a house in Puerto Rico and also working ~ above a flip property on the island. Together a result, she decluttering your Dallas home with the assist of resale marketplace Mercari.

“Partnering v Mercari and National Garage revenue Day, I obtained to declutter the space, discover items in my residence that ns don’t have a ar for anymore, and also I can sell them,” she told Us. “We’re law a fun sweepstakes where civilization can upload image of their messy spaces to and there will be a winner that will acquire $3,500 to put towards reimagining the space. And also I obtain to assist them with a tiny video consultation to bring that an are to life again.”

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