At 88, she talks about her 50th studio album and why she never ever stops dreaming

by Edna Gundersen,, April 2, 2021


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The crucial Loretta Lynn Playlist

Of Loretta Lynn"s 86 solo singles, a lining 51 reached the nation singles chart optimal 10, and also 16 went all the means to No. 1. Here are 10 of her best, from she debut single in 1960 to a stirring ballad native 2016.

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I"m a Honky Tonk Girl (1960)

The singer"s debut single announced the come of a sassy, candid nation ingénue steeped in Appalachian tradition.

Dear Uncle Sam (1966)

Lynn dodged flak v her Vietnam war protest track by addressing the topic native the emotional perspective the a wife worried about her soldier overseas. Strains of “Taps" suggest the story doesn"t end well.

You Ain"t Woman enough (To take My Man) (1966)

Lynn"s strapping vocals and clever wordplay are facility stage in this musical risk to the woman making move on she man. She later on revealed the song, and many others, were inspired by she cheating husband, Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn.

Don"t Come home A-Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ on your Mind) (1966)

Marital troubles additionally gave increase to Lynn"s an initial chart-topper, a gutsy brush-off that sparked controversy for its sexual overtones and also sharply contrasted the mushy love songs meant of female nation singers in that era. It marked the saturday time a solo mrs artist topped the country chart.

Fist City (1968)

Again, art imitated life in a gritty and humorous No. 1 hair-pulling hit command at women who chased she husband when the singer was away ~ above tour. She warns: You far better move her feet/If friend don"t wanna eat/A enjoy the meal that"s referred to as fist city.

Coal Miner"s Daughter (1970)

Indisputably Lynn"s best and most love tune, this twangy yarn shares she hard-scrabble upbringing in 6 economic, nostalgic verses that surrendered a struggle movie and best-selling book.

You"re Lookin’ at country (1971)

Proud of she Butcher Holler background, Lynn celebrate cornfields, barnyard shovels and also old-fashioned rural life in a song that gleefully shares, “This little girl would walk a nation mile to uncover her a great ole slow-talkin’ country boy."

One"s on the way (1971)

Lynn perfectly records the comedy and poignancy in the catchy, sardonic tune by Shel Silverstein about an overwhelmed pregnant mommy in Topeka daydreaming around the glamorous stays of Raquel Welch and also Elizabeth Taylor.

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The Pill (1975)

An upbeat and an effective tribute to bear control, albeit for married women, “The Pill” was the most controversial tune of Lynn"s career. Numerous radio stations banned the song, but Lynn was pleased the her post of reproductive liberty had reached countless remote countryside regions.

Who"s Gonna miss out on Me? (2016)

A somber track with preventive acoustic guitar and also fiddle ponders an aching global question. “I"d favor to understand I"ve left someone who"s gonna miss me once I"m gone,” Lynn sings plaintively. In she case, the prize is, “Who isn"t?"