Maria Shriver net Worth: Maria Shriver is one American journalist, author, and former an initial Lady that California who has a net worth the $200 million. Although she has definitely made a name for herself together a journalist and also author, she is perhaps ideal known because that being the ex-wife that Arnold Schwarzenegger and also the former first Lady of California. Over the course of she journalism career, Shriver has actually been well-known with several honors, consisting of several Emmys and also a Peabody Award.

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Maria Shriver is additionally a noteworthy member that the Kennedy family members through she mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver – the sisters of john F., Robert, and also Ted Kennedy. Together of 2020, she serves together a distinct anchor for NBC News. Her substantial net precious is mainly a result of both her connection to the Kennedys and also her divorce negotiation after separating from Schwarzenegger.

Early Life: Maria Owings Shriver was born ~ above November 6th of 1955 in Chicago, Illinois. Her father to be a famous politician called Sargent Shriver and also her mom was Eunice Kennedy Shriver, an activist and also member the the affluent and influential Kennedy family. Because of her family roots, Maria was essentially born right into royalty – or together close together one can gain to royalty in the united States. While cultivation up, Shriver watched she uncle John. F. Kennedy success an election to become the president of the joined States. Two years later, she watched her uncle obtain assassinated.

Raised in a roman inn Catholic household, Maria Shriver to visit high institution in Maryland. After ~ graduating, she enrolled in ~ Manhattanville College prior to transferring to Georgetown University and earning her Bachelor of Arts level in American Studies.

Career: Shriver first became passionate around journalism during her father"s vice-presidential project in 1972. After graduating indigenous college, she operated with CBS and eventually ended up being co-anchor the "The CBS Morning News." After switching to NBC, she co-anchored "Sunday Today" till the finish of the 80s. She then anchored shows choose "NBC Nightly News" and "Dateline NBC." She returned to journalism after coming to be the an initial Lady that California, although she eventually stepped away due to the fact that of a potential problem of interest.

She climate became totally disillusioned with American media ~ the fatality of Anna Nicole Smith, vowing never ever to return to this industry. However, Maria join NBC when again in 2013, working as a one-of-a-kind anchor who focuses on women"s issues in America. She additionally fills in as a instead of anchor because that "Today" from time come time.

Outside of journalism, Shriver has showed up in a variety of movies, such together "Last activity Hero," and television collection such as "That"s therefore Raven." She likewise served together the executive producer because that the four-part HBO documentary "The Alzheimer"s Project." In addition, Maria is well-known for authoring a number of books, including "I"ve to be Thinking…: reflect Prayers and Meditations because that a systematic Life," which became a bestseller.

Kennedy family members Fortune: Because Maria Shriver is a straight descendent that the famed Kennedy family, she receive a substantial income v inheritance and other assets/trusts set up in the household name. The Kennedys room essentially thought about a royal lineage in the joined States, and also Shriver absolutely benefits from her connection to the family members in a financial sense.

Documents show that Shriver collects revenue from assets that incorporate "Vornado Realty Trust" and also "Vornado Realty Inc." every of these assets is valued in ~ $7.5 million. Reports imply that the Kennedys have actually collected more than $170 million since 1998 – and also that"s just in dividends. The family"s financial assets are set up in one ingenious path – utilizing a mechanism that accepts partnership units rather of cash in order to defer funding gains taxes and also depreciation.

Relationships: Maria Shriver met Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1977 as soon as they were introduced at a charity tennis tournament. ~ a lengthy period, the pair at some point married in 1986. Shriver and also Schwarzenegger subsequently had actually four youngsters together, every one of whom to be born in Los Angeles. In 2011, Shriver and her husband announced the they were acquiring separated, and Maria conveniently moved the end of the family members home.

Later, the reason for their separation was supposedly revealed as soon as Arnold Schwarzenegger publicly admitted that he had fathered another child out of wedlock through the family members maid, Mildred Patricia Baena. Shriver had previously faced her husband around the affair ~ she became suspicious. Arnold"s extramarital kid was born 14 years prior to him make the announcement – well before he gone into politics. He and also Shriver ultimately finalized their divorce in 2017.

In 2013, Shriver started dating Matthew Dowd, a politics consultant and also strategist who had actually previously worked on Schwarzenegger"s reelection campaign.

Divorce Settlement: According to various sources, Maria Shriver was collection to receive up come $200 million after she divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is due to the fact that of Arnold"s high network worth, which was at least double the amount Shriver received at the time of your divorce. In terms of their children, the split was tackled amicably with shared custody that their 2 underage kids.

Real Estate: Maria Shriver has been quite energetic in the real estate market, an especially after splitting from Arnold Schwarzenegger. ~ the divorce to be finalized, Shriver purchase a $10-million house in Brentwood, not far from the family home she once shared with she husband. The 11,000-square-foot residence reportedly has secure parking and also a swimming pool.

In 2017, Shriver apparently started to buy for homes with the intention of giving them to she two kids who had actually just graduated from university. Various publications said that Maria to be eyeing up a pair of Los Angeles properties that were jointly worth around $5 million.

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Maria Shriver

Net Worth:$200 Million
Date of Birth:Nov 6, 1955 (66 years old)
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Profession:Journalist, Author, television producer, Voice Actor, Screenwriter, Newscaster
Nationality:United says of America

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