A tell-all memoir written by chairman Donald Trump's niece claims that that is a "narcissist" who now threatens the life that every American.

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Mary Trump's book, too Much and also Never Enough: just how My Family created the World's most Dangerous Man, defines her uncle together a fraud and also a bully.

The White house rejects the claims made in the book, and also the Trump family members unsuccessfully sued to block it.

Ms Trump, 55, writes the for her uncle, "nothing is ever before enough" and also that the united state president exhibits all the attributes of a narcissist.

"This is far past garden-variety narcissism," his niece, who has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, write of mr Trump. "Donald is not just weak, his ego is a fragile thing that should be bolstered every moment because he knows deep under that he is nothing of what he claims to be."

She claims the president was affected by city hall his father, Fred trumped Sr, bully she father Fred trumped Jr - who passed away from an alcohol related condition when she was 16 years old.

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Image caption, one undated picture of the trump card siblings, native left to right: Robert, Elizabeth, Fred, Donald and Maryanne

Ms trumped writes that Trump Sr was extremely harsh come his earliest son, whom he want to take over the family real estate business. But as ms Trump's father drifted far from the business, trump card Sr had no an option but to turn to his second son, Donald.

It was no a happy choice, multiple sclerosis Trump shows up to claim. "When points turned southern in the late 1980s, Fred might no longer separate himself from his son's brutal ineptitude; the father had actually no choice but to stay invested," she to write of the senior Trump's perspective towards the future 45th us President.

The White home rejected the insurance claim that mr Trump's father had actually been abrasive and harsh, saying that the president "describes the relationship he had actually with his father as warm and also said his father to be very great to him".

In the book, multiple sclerosis Trump describes how she gave tax documents to the brand-new York Times, which supplied them to publish a 14,000 word investigative short article into mr Trump's "dubious tax schemes throughout the 1990s, including instances of outright fraud, that greatly increased the fortune he got from his parents".

Ms Trump said she was approached by journalists in ~ her home in 2017 and was originally reluctant come help.

She waited because that a month, watching together "Donald shredded norms, endangered alliances, and also trod ~ above the vulnerable," before deciding to contact the times reporter.

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After smuggling 19 box of legal files out the the legislation firm wherein they to be kept, she handed them over to reporters. She explains hugging them and also calls the moment "the the happiest I'd felt in months".

"It wasn't enough for me to volunteer in ~ an organisation help Syrian refugees," she writes. "I had to take Donald down."

Ms Trump insurance claims that her uncle payment a girlfriend to take the sat test because that him - a standardised test which determines university placement - since he was "worried that his grade suggest average, which placed him far from the optimal of his class, would scuttle his initiatives to get accepted".

He rental "a smart child with a reputation for gift a good test taker, to take it his SATs because that him," she writes, adding: "Donald, who never ever lacked because that funds, paid his buddy well."

Mr trump attended Fordham college in new York City, yet later transferred to the Wharton college of company at the university of Pennsylvania.

Ms trump blames the Trump family members patriarch, Fred trump card Sr for lot of the family's alleged dysfunction. She says Trump Sr, a new York City real estate mogul, "destroyed" Donald trump card by interfering in his "ability come develop and experience the entire spectrum of human emotion".

"By limiting Donald's access to his own feelings and rendering plenty of of lock unacceptable, Fred perverted his son's tardy of the world and also damaged his ability to live in it," she writes.

"Softness was unthinkable," because that Trump Sr, she writes, including that he would thrive furious whenever she father - recognized as Freddy - apologised for any kind of errors.

Donald Trump, who is seven years younger 보다 his late brother, "had plenty of time to find out from city hall Fred humiliate" his eldest son, ms Trump writes.

"The lesson he learned, in ~ its simplest, was the it to be wrong to be choose Freddy: Fred didn't respect his earliest son, therefore neither would Donald."

Ms trump card writes that her uncle had actually asked her to ghost create a book about him, referred to as the art of the Comeback, and noted "an aggrieved compendium of women he had actually expected to date however who, having refused him, were unexpectedly the worst, ugliest and fattest slobs he'd ever met".

She says Mr Trump do suggestive comments around her body once she was 29 year old, even though she is his niece and also Mr Trump was married come his 2nd wife, Marla Maples.

She says Mr Trump said his existing wife Melania the his niece had dropped the end of university and took drugs roughly the time that hired her for the book project. It is true the Ms Trump had actually left college, however she claims she never ever took any type of drugs, and also that she believes her uncle made up the story to current himself together her "saviour".

"The story to be for his benefit as lot as anybody else's," she writes, "and by the moment the doorbell rang, he probably already believed his variation of events."

Mary Trump, 55, is the daughter of Fred trump card Jr, the president's enlarge brother, who passed away in 1981 at the period of 42.

He struggled with alcoholism for lot of his life and his premature death was led to by a heart attack linked come his drinking.

President Trump has cited his brother's an individual problems as spurring his administration's press for tackling the opioid seeks epidemic.

In one interview critical year v the Washington Post, mr Trump stated he regretted pressuring his older brother to sign up with the household real heritage business.

Mary Trump has largely avoided the limelight due to the fact that her uncle ended up being president, despite she has actually been crucial of him in the past.

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After mr Trump won the choice in 2016, she defined the experience as the "worst night of mine life," according to the Washington Post.