Mary Tyler Moore is among the many iconic women on television. When fans understand her best for The mar Tyler Moore Show, she got her start playing Laura Petrie on The dick Van Dyke Show. Sadly because that fans, she died back in 2017. So, just how did Moore die? Here’s what us know.

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How did mary Tyler Moore native ‘The mary Tyler Moore Show’ die?


Mary Tyler Moore indigenous ‘The mary Tyler Moore Show’ | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Moore acquired her begin in show business early. She was born in 1936, and also by high school, she relocated to Los Angeles v her family members and promoted home appliances as a dancing elf in the ’50s, story reports. In 1959, Moore obtained her begin with TV, and also 1961 provided her her very first film debut with the aviation movie, X-15.

1961 verified to be a major year because that Moore, as she started her time v The cock Van Dyke Show. And it remained in the ’70s as soon as The mary Tyler Moore Show take it off. Moore starred in and produced the show with give Tinker, she then-husband, and also it proved to be way ahead the its time. Moore played mar Richards, a single woman in she 30s making it together a successful businesswoman. Before the show, females weren’t depicted as live independence or effective on your own.

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While she confronted many health challenges in her life include alcoholism, diabetes, and also a tumor, she passed away from other means. Moore died on Jan. 25, 2017, because of cardiopulmonary arrest. She was 80 years old in ~ the time. Her fatality reportedly complied with a battle with pneumonia.

How did mary Tyler Moore’s son die?

Mary Tyler Moore puts she arm about her son, Richard Meeker Jr., in 1968 | candid Edwards/Fotos International/Getty Images

Moore had one kid — Richie Meeker. Unfortunately, Meeker passed away in 1980 native a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Fox News reports.

In Moore’s 1995 memoir, After All, she recounted the painful memory of learning of she son’s death. Her husband she was estranged from in ~ the time, Tinker, referred to as her come tell her the news. “The call awakened me,” Moore explained. “It to be Grant. ‘If she standing, you must sit down … it’s Richie. He is dead.’”

As because that what occurred, Meeker’s roommate in ~ the college of southern California described it was an accident. “He was loading and also unloading the short-barreled gun as soon as it went off,” Judy Vasquez, the roommate, explained to The Washington Post. “It was awful. He must have actually pulled the trigger. There to be a huge bang and also he fell on the bed.”

“She was ruined by her son’s death and faced a most guilt because that feeling favor she wasn’t the finest mother she could have been,” Herbie J. Pilato, one author, included to Fox. “After he died, Moore said she wished she would’ve had children later or at the very least have more children to do a better job together a mother than what she did v Richie.”

Was mar Tyler Moore married as soon as she died?

"I can't believe she is gone": mar Tyler Moore's husband the 33 years can't imagine life there is no "that smile"

— CNN (

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So, was Moore married at the moment of she death? She to be — and it was to Robert Levine. Moore and Richard Carleton Meeker divorce in 1962, and she and Tinker divorced in 1981. Finally, Moore married Robert Levine — and they were with each other until she death.

Country life reports Moore and Levine met in 1982. Moore’s mother was sick in ~ the time, and Levine, who was a doctor, involved her mother’s aid. The 2 then hit that off and also married in 1983.

“I can’t think she is gone,” Levine wrote when Moore died. “Mary to be my life, my light, mine love. The emptiness i feel there is no her v me is there is no bottom. She to be a force of nature that fiercely defended her autonomy even as her health was failing.”

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that Moore’s tradition will forever live on many thanks to The mary Tyler Moore Show.