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When asked i beg your pardon president has actually done the ideal job in your lifetimes, an ext Americans name Barack Obama than any kind of other president. More than four-in-ten (44%) speak Obama is the finest or second best chairman of your lifetimes, compared with around a third who mention Bill Clinton (33%) or Ronald Reagan (32%).

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Not yet halfway v his term, 19% speak Donald Trump has actually done the finest or second best task of any type of president of your lifetimes. The is equivalent with the re-publishing who regarded Obama as one of the ideal presidents in 2011 (20%).

The inspection by Pew study Center, conducted June 5-12 amongst 2,002 adults, asks people in one open-ended layout which president has done the best job in your lifetimes. The evaluation is based upon their first and 2nd choices.

About one-in-ten adults (12%) say john F. Kennedy go the best job in office during their lifetimes. However Kennedy is called as the best or 2nd best president by around a 4 minutes 1 of those who were alive during his presidency: 24% of infant Boomers and 25% of those in the silent Generation.

Generations’ see of the finest president

People’s views of the finest president of their lifetimes are partially tied to your ages. Millennials, that are right now ages 22 come 37, are far an ext likely than older generations to surname Obama as one of the best presidents in your lifetimes: around six-in-ten Millennials (62%) watch Obama as among the optimal two, with nearly half, 46%, specify name him the ideal president.

Older generations space much much more likely 보다 Millennials to name Reagan as among the best presidents. Reagan to be president before most Millennials to be born.

Gen Xers (ages 38 to 53) are split in their assessments: 45% of Gen Xers name Reagan, while almost as many mention Obama (41%) or Clinton (39%).

Reagan is the top an option among Boomers (ages 54 come 72) and also Silents (ages 73 to 90); about four-in-ten in the two older generations name Reagan (42% that Boomers, 38% of Silents). However within both generations, there room a selection of opinions, with Obama, Kennedy, Clinton and also Trump all receiving mentions indigenous 15% or much more Boomers and also Silents.

Changing see of the best president

As to be the situation in 2011, numerous people, including many in the president’s very own party, do not name the existing president as the ideal in their lifetimes.

Currently, 44% surname Obama together their very first or 2nd choice for having actually done the best job of any kind of president of their lifetimes, when 33% surname Clinton, 32% Reagan and 19% Trump. In 2011, 49% said Clinton had been just one of the height two presidents, compared with 34% who cited Reagan and also 20% who mentioned Obama.

The share naming Obama has more than doubled since 2011 (from 20% come 44%), while the share pointing out Clinton has declined, from 49% to 33%.

The ratings for other presidents have not readjusted much since 2011: 32% cite Reagan (34% in 2011); 14% name George W. Bush (15% then); and 12% surname Kennedy (15% then).

Partisan differences in views of finest president

A sizable majority of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents speak Barack Obama (71%) is the best (51%) or second best (20%) president in your lifetimes. About fifty percent of Democrats surname Clinton (49%). One more 14% the Democrats name Kennedy as among their top two, 12% name Reagan and 10% cite George W. Bush.

In 2011, Clinton was named most frequently as the ideal or second best president by 69% that Democrats, when 36% named Obama.

A majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say Reagan (57%) ranking in the optimal two presidents in their lifetimes. One more 40% that Republicans name Trump, while 20% surname George W. Bush, 16% name George H.W. Bush and also 15% point out Clinton.

Republicans’ options for the best president additionally have changed since 2011, though the re-superstructure pointing come Reagan has actually not changed since then (57%).

Republicans are much less likely to surname Clinton than in 2011 (28% then, 15% today), when somewhat an ext say Obama has done the best job of any president of your lifetimes (5% then, 13% today).

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Republicans’ evaluations of other presidents, Republican and also Democratic, have readjusted little. One-in-five republic say George W. Bush is the finest president of their lifetimes (27% stated this in 2011); 16% say Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush, is the ideal president (20% in 2011).